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Kerala Panjal Vedic Yajna Athirathram 1975 Photos

Athirathram is a Vedic yajna and is one of the world’s oldest surviving rituals. Athirathram 2015 starts on March 20, and will continue till March 31, 2015 at at Sukapuram near Edappal in Malappuram District in Kerala. One of the most famous Athirathram of modern times was held in 1975 at Panjal in Thrissur District in Kerala. Here are a few pictures of the 1975 Athirathram published in the Illustrated Weekly of India.

- Agni or fire for the ritual is made using Arani

Yagashala - The place where the Athirathram takes place - Made using Bamboo and Palm Leaves

Vedic Altar
- The main Yajna takes place around this

Clay Pots
- Specially made clay pots are used for the ritual. Some have protuberances and it symbolizes plenty

Head of an Animal
- Head of animals made from clay are buried under the Yagashala

Brahmin Women
- Namboothiri Women (Brahmin) who participate in the Yajna. The wife of the the main priest plays an important role in the Yajna

The yagashala is burned
- On the last day of the Yajna - the Yagashala is offered to Agni - the fire God.