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Do Hindus Eat Cake Baked With Egg?

Hindu dietary practices can vary widely among individuals and communities, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether Hindus eat cake baked with eggs. In Hinduism, there are different dietary restrictions and preferences, and what one Hindu person or family chooses to eat may differ from another.

Many Hindus are vegetarians and avoid meat and animal products, including eggs. They adhere to a lacto-vegetarian diet, which excludes all forms of meat, including eggs. These individuals would not consume cake baked with eggs.

However, some Hindus are not strict vegetarians and do consume eggs and other non-vegetarian foods. Their dietary choices are influenced by personal beliefs, regional customs, and family traditions.

If you are planning to serve cake to a Hindu individual or group, it's a good idea to ask them about their dietary preferences and restrictions to ensure that you provide a cake that aligns with their dietary choices.