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Dreaming Of Lip Swelling – Meaning

Dreaming of lip swelling is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means totally unexpected problem causing delays. It also means unable to participate in something you had planned. The dream also means embarrassment and need to cover up something. Dreams of lip swelling and it is not yours means you won’t be able to successfully do something due to the absence of an important team member.

Dreams of lip swelling and you see family members or relatives in dream means you will get sympathy from others. It also means other people blaming for a freakish incident.

Dream of lip swelling and you see insects means you will face attacks from insects or poison related health problems.

Dreaming of lip swelling and you are seen happy means trouble during fun. It also means a kiss going totally wrong.

Dreams of lip swelling and you are seen squeezing it means desperate attempts will made to save a situation in near future. You need to be careful and avoid all kinds of confrontations.