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For Success Eat These Food Before Leaving Home - Hindu Religion

There are numerous religious rituals performed in Hindu religion by people before leaving home for job, exams, signing documents, participating in important events etc. Some communities believe that eating a particular kind of food before leaving home will assure success. It is also considered lucky. Sunday – You can chew betel leaves. If you are not in the habit of chewing paan or betel leaves. Then you can carry it with you and while returning home offer it in a temple or under a tree. Monday – You can eat kheer or any white color food before leaving the house. Carrying bilva leaves is also meritorious. Looking in the mirror before leaving is also auspicious. Tuesday – You can eat jaggery (ghud or sharkara or Vellam) and leave the house. Another option is to carry durva leaves. Wednesday – You can chew Dhaniya or Coriander. It is also auspicious to carry mango leaf with you. Thursday – You can eat jeera or fennel and venture out. Keeping a few Tulsi leaves wi