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Radha Shyamsundar Temple in Vrindavan

RadhaShyamsundarTemple is a very important temple in Vrindavan as the murti worshipped here is believed to have been created by Radha. Due to this reason this is one of the most sacred temples in Vrindavan. The temple is located near the RadhaDamodharTemple and Loi Bazaar in Vrindavan.
Legend has it that Radha had created the murti of Krishna worshipped in the Radha Shyamsundar Temple from her heart and had given to Shyamananda Pandita, an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna.
It was Shyamananda Pandita who installed the murti in the temple.
The temple has one of the biggest courtyards in Vrindavan and is completely open at the top. There is a murti of Vrinda Devi in the courtyard. She is the Holy Tulsi.
The sanctum sanctorum has a set of huge sandstone coloured arches in front. The sanctum sanctorum has three murtis. Two black murtis of Sri Krishna including the one installed by Shyamananda and a murti of Radha.

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