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Gurukkal Theyyam – Story – Information - Gurikkal Theyyam

Gurikkal theyyam, or Gurukkal theyyam, is a popular theyyam performed during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is that a great yogi who once lived in the region. Gurikkal theyyam story begins with the birth of Kunjiraman Yogi in a family of Yogis. He learnt all the sciences and Vedas in a young age and went on pilgrimage. He learnt Ashtanga Yoga vidya and became a true Yogi. He visited numerous places and learned new languages, various types of medicines and various sciences.

Years later Kunjiraman Yogi returned to his native place. At this time, the ruler of the place, Kolamanan, was diagnosed with an incurable disease. The ruler tried all types of treatment but found no cure. Courtiers informed the king about Kunjiraman Yogi and he was summoned to the palace.

Kunjiraman Yogi easily understood the disease and the reason and cure for it. He performed Mada Bali, Peeda Bali, Mukkudaram Gurusi and Kukkuda Bali. Soon the ruler was cured of the disease. The ruler gave Kunhiraman, the title of Gurukkal.

The ruler gave money and numerous other gifts and asked two soldiers to accompany Kunhiraman Gurukkal.

The ruler had actually felt jealous and threatened by the talent and ability of Kunjiraman Gurikkal. The king thought soon people will demand his removal and be replaced with Kunjiraman Gurikkal. Therefore, he had secretly asked the soldiers accompanying Gurukkal to murder him.

The soldiers killed the Gurukkal in a deserted place. The innocent and pious Yogi attained moksha and merged with Supreme Truth.

People who realized the truth gave Gurukkal a place in their worship places. A theyyam is performed annually in respect of this great soul.

In a slightly different person, Gurukkal was not murdered by the ruler but by jealous courtiers who felt threatened by the new status of Gurukkal. It is said that Kathivanoor Veeran heard the death cry of Gurukkal and arrived on the scene and made him a Daivakkaru.

Gurukkal Theyyam is performed at Pazhayangadi Eripuram Kavintarikathu Kathivanoorveeran Palliyara temple, Kannur Thalaippu Olachery Kavu temple, Kannur Karivellur Koolikkavu Sree Vishnumurthy temple, Chera-Vellikkeel Theeya Kandi Kathivanoor Veeran temple, Taliparamba Kannur Vengara Ettammal Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Kannur ThalasseriThottummal Kavullathil Sree Kali temple, Mahe Peringadi Kanhiramulla Parambu Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Pattuvam Ariyil Sree Karayappath Kathivanoor Veeran Devasthanam temple, and Pattuvam Ariyil Karayappaath Kathivannurveeran Devasthanam temple.

Gurikkal Theyyam is worshipped for peace, prosperity and good health. He is also invoked for success in exams and interviews and for good intelligence. Children meditating on Gurikkal theyyam are blessed with good memory and brain power.