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Dreaming Of Eyes – Meaning

Dreaming of eyes is a good omen as per dream meaning and explanation. The dream means you will see certain things that were hidden from you. You will find secrets about others. It also means you will find about treasure or a hidden problem in your family. Dreams of eyes also mean you will soon value the importance of something in your life that was not given due importance and respect.

Dream of eyes and it is yours or you see yourself in the dream means lot activities will take place in your life soon. You will be exposed certain new things some of which might be encouraging and some gory or distasteful.

Dreaming of eyes and you see other individuals or eyes of other people mean you will find out about secrets of other people. It also means prying eyes of other people expose your hidden fantasies.

Dreams of eyes and there is color means celebration and happiness. It also means return of something or someone.