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Chathiyara Sakthikulangara Devi Temple – Festival

Chathiyara Sakthikulangara Devi temple is located at Chathiyara near Thamarakulam in Alappuzha district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. Pathamudayam festival (April 23 or April 24) in Meda Masam is an important festival in the temple.

This is a traditional Kerala style temple with a kodimaram, namaskara mandapam, west facing chathura sreekovil, bali kallu and chuttambalam. There are separate shrines of upa devatas. Thekkethalathil Vallyachan a prominent figure from local history has a place of worship here.

The annual festival in the temple is observed with various Tantric pujas and rituals including homam, abhishekam and various other Devi temple rituals. Melam, ezhunnallathu and procession are part of the festival.

The festival begins with kodiyettam and concludes with arattu procession.

The shrine observes various rituals and pujas during Mandakal kalam, Thrikarthika day and Navratri.