Bhau Beej 2015 date – The celebration of Brother-Sister Relationship during Diwali 2015 - Bhaubeej

Bhaubeej is observed on the second day of Kartik Month in Maharashtra and Goa and it is one of the important observances during Diwali. Bhau Beej 2015 date is November 13. Also known as Bhai Beej, on the day sisters invites brothers to their home and offers a sumptuous meal. The festival is also known as Yama Dwitiya and is more popularly known as Bhai Dooj in North India.

Bhau Beej celebrates brother-sister relationship and in Hindu culture brothers are regarded as the protectors of sisters. On the day, sisters pray for the welfare of their brothers and perform Aarti. Sisters prepare sweets and other favorite delicacies of their brothers on the day.

Those women who have no brothers offer puja to Lord Chandra – the moon god.