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Ramamangalam Kezhumuri Ayarkulam Temple – Festival

Ramamangalam Kezhumuri Ayarkulam temple is located at Ramamangalam near Piravom in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Subrahmanya or Muruga. The annual Thaipooyam festival in Kumbha Masam is the most important festival in the shrine. The festival begins a day before the actual Thaipooyam day. Some of the important events on the day include Kavadi abhishekam, Thalappoli, Kavadi Goshayatra (procession) and Bhasma Kavadi abhishekam. This is a small temple dedicated to Subrahmanya. The chathura sreekovil has a standing murti of Muruga. The temple observes Sashti Vrutham day on all Malayalam months. Skanda Sashti is also of significance in the temple.

Dasa Sahitya In Kannada

Dasa Sahitya in Kannada literature belongs to the Bhakti movement of the medieval period (14th – 18th century CE). Dasa denotes a person who surrenders himself to God in complete devotion. Narahari Tirtha, disciple of Mahdva, was the pioneer of the Dasa literature of the Bhakti movement in Karnataka. Sripadaraya popularized the movement. The theme of Dasa Sahitya was devotion to Vishnu in an attitude of service and friendship. Dasa Sahitya emphasizes pure devotion as the sole means of realizing God. This needs utter selfishness and detachment from all worldly concerns. The individual’s devotion to Vishnu and Vishnu’s compassion for the yearning individual form the essence of the Bhakti movement of the Haridasas. Vyasaraya, who lived during the reign of king Krishnadevaraya (16 th century CE), trained a band of devotees and initiated them to the Dasa order and exhorted theme to propagate devotion to Vishnu in simple Kannada. Puradaradasa, a disciple of Vyasaraya, is foremost am

Paruveta Utsavam on Kanuma Day in Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirumala

Paruveta Utsavam is observed on the Kanuma day at the Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirumala. It falls on the day after Sankranti celebrations. Paruveta Utsavam 2024 date is January 16. It commemorates the hunting expedition of Lord Venkateswara to Narayanavanam. He happened to see Goddess Padmavathi while he was chasing a wild elephant. That is why the Paruveta (hunting) is celebrated on the day of Kanuma at Tirumala every year. How is Paruveta Utsavam Observed? Lord Malayappa wears hunting dress, head guard and five weapons such as Sudarshana Chakra, Panchajanya Conch, Nandaka Sword, Kaumodaki Gada and Sarga bow besides Sword, Shield and Sphere, boarding Silver Chariot and reaches Paruveta Mandapa in Papavinasanam road nearly two kilometers away from temple by procession. Along with Lord Venkateswara, Lord Krishna as well reaches Paruveta Mandapa where both of them are made to sit and conduct musical and cultural concerts are organized at 2 PM by singing the songs of Anna

Ooramana Shivaly Bala Subrahmanya Swami Temple – Festival

Ooramana Shivaly Bala Subrahmanya Swami temple is located at Ooramana in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to the child form of Muruga or Subrahmanya. The annual festival in the temple is held for two days on Thaipooyam in Makaram month. The main rituals during the two days include abhishekam, malarnaivedhyam, pantheeradi pooja, navagam, panchagavya, kalasha pooja, and kalasabhishekam The second day that is the Thaipooyam day is famous for Kavadi and Kavadi abhishekam. Balaottu and prasada oottu are held on the day. In Bala Ottu, young children below the age of five sit along with Bala Subrahmanya and have food. It is believed that this ritual will help in removing all kinds of problems faced by children including health and those related to studies. Couples who wish to have children bring children of other people for the ritual. The famous Shivaly Sashti is held during the Shukla Paksha Sashti in Vrischika Masam.

Kathas – Ancient kingdom Of Punjab – Fiercely Fought Against Alexander

Kathas were a group of powerful people who lived in the territory lying across the Ravi and Beas Rivers in ancient Punjab during 4 th century BC. Greeks referred to the Kathas as Kathaoi or Cathaeans. During his invasion of India, Alexander the Great faced stiff resistance from Kathas. They defied his army from their fortified town called Sangala, also referred to as Samkala or Jandiala. Finally, Alexander defeated Kathas with the help of Porus. The Kathas were invulnerable people and the country of theirs produced men of courage skill and physical charm. As per Strabo, the most handsome person was elected as the king of Kathas and the people of the region decided their own marriages. The impregnable fort of Kathas has been identified with a site near Fatehgarh in Gurdaspur District, with Handiala to the east of Amritsar or with Sanglawala tibba in the Jhang District. As per various accounts, during their unsuccessful resistance, nearly 17,000 Kathas were kill

Velimon Kottaram Maha Ganapathi Temple – Festival

Velimon Kottaram Maha Ganapathi temple is located at Velimon in Kollam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Maha Ganapathi. The annual festival is held on Makam nakshatra in Kumbha Masam (February – March). Ganapati is worshipped in an east facing sanctum sanctorum – Chathura sreekovil. Goddess Bhagavathi is worshipped in the nalambalam. A kannadi bimbam of Goddess is worshipped here. The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Rakshas, Yogeeswaran, Madan, Marutha, Yakshi, Nagas and Kanavu. Apart from the annual festival, the shrine also observes Vinayaka Chaturthi in Chinga Masam.

Karadi Mukku Bhajanamadam Sree Bhadradevi Temple – Festival

Karadi Mukku Bhajanamadam Sree Bhadradevi temple is located at Malayankulam in Kollam district, Kerala. The annual festival or Mahotsavam in the temple is held in Kumbha Masam (February – March). The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhadra Devi. This is a small Bhagavathy temple with a chathura sreekovil and a chuttambalam. The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Subrahmanya and Nagam. The festival is famous for melam, small fair, and lighting. Various pujas and rituals that are part of the Bhagavathi temple in South Kerala are held on the occasion. Tuesdays and Fridays are the most important days in a week. The shrine also observes Navratri and Thrikarthika festival. Ayilyam puja is held on Ayilyam nakshatra in every month. Special offerings are made to Muruga on pooyam nakshatra in all Malayalam month.

Kalakkode Kanyamadam Devi Temple – Festival

Kalakkode Kanyamadam Devi temple is located at Kalakkode in Kollam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi or Devi. The annual festival in the temple is held in Kumbha Masam. This is a small Devi shrine with a chathura sreekovil and a chuttambalam. The entire temple is decorated with colorful lights on the occasion. Different floats with characters from Puranas and Epics are displayed on the occasion. Pujas, rituals and melam are part of the annual festival. Kalakkode Kanyamadam Devi Temple Timing Morning darshan timing is from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM Evening darshan timing is from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Navratri and Thrikarthika are the two other important festivals in the temple.

Thaliyil Sri Melthali Mahadeva Temple – Info - Festival

Thaliyil Sri Melthali Mahadeva temple is located at Thaliyil in Kannur district, Kerala. This is a unique Kerala Hindu temple with an entirely different outer structure. The temple is dedicated to Mahadevan – Shiva. The annual pratishta festival in the temple is held in Kumbha Masam (February – March). The temple has a square sanctum sanctorum which has an unusually height. The structure is made out of vettukallu. It has a beautiful roof. The shrine also has remnants of an ancient dilapidated structure. A Shivling is worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum. Mondays and Pradosham are auspicious here. The most important annual ritual is held on Mahashivratri day.

Ramanattukara Palakkal Durga Temple – Festival – History

Ramanattukara Palakkal Durga temple is located at Ramanattukara in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga Bhagavathi. As per local belief, this is one among the 108 Durga temples founded by Parshuram Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu in Kerala. This is a small temple with a chuttambalam. There are also designated spots for upa devatas. The temple has a chathura sreekovil with a bhimbam of Mother Goddess Devi. The most important festival in the temple is Thrikarthika – the Karthika nakshatra day in Vrischikam month. Puna Prathishta dinam in the temple is held in Kumbha Masam (February – March). The shrine is famous in the region for Navratri and Vidyarambham rituals. Mahanavami then ninth day of Navratri is famous in the temple. The 41-day Mandala Kalam is observed in the temple starting from November 16 or 17 to December 26 or December 27. Ramanattukara Palakkal Durga Temple Temple timings: Morning darshan timings are from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Evening d

Puthuppally Thrikkayil Shiva Temple – Festival

Puthuppally Thrikkayil Shiva temple is located at Puthuppally in Kottayam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Shiva. Maha Shivratri in Kumbha Masam (February – March) is another important festival in the temple. The Shivling is worshipped in a chathura sreekovil with a chuttambalam and namaskara mandapam. There is a separate shrine for an upa devata. The annual festival is noted for various Shiva temple rituals including ezhunnallathu atop a caparisoned elephant, melam, pallivetta, panchavadyam, ulsava bali, kazhcha seeveli, kalasha puja. Pradosham and Mondays are of great significance in the temple. The shrine also observes various other rituals including Ramayana Masam, Thrikarthika and Thiruvathira in Dhanu Masam.

A Spiritual Seeker Should Not Be Bothered By What People Say

The story of Kaduveli Siddhar told by Sri Ramana Maharshi clearly proves that a spiritual seeker should not be bothered by what people say. Kaduveli Siddhar was a saint who had an affair with a temple dancer and even had a child by her. When he was ridiculed for falling from his high state, he publicly composed and sang a song which ended with the following words: 'If it is true that I sleep night and day quite aware of my Self, may this stone burst into two and become the wide expanse!' Immediately, the stone he indicated burst with a loud noise, much to the astonishment of the crowd which had gathered to deride him. Bhagavan's comment, after telling this story, was, 'He proved himself an unswerving jnani. One should not be deceived by the external appearance of a jnani. Is there then any criterion by which the onlooker, with his ignorant perspective, can decide whether or not a person is realised? Not definitively, says Bhagavan, but he adds that there is one cl

17 January 2022 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Monday, 17 January 2022 – It is Purnima tithi or the full moon day in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi or the fourteenth day during the waxing or light phase of moon till  2:38 AM on January 17 . Then onward it is Purnima tithi or the full moon day till 4:28 AM on January 18. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on January 17, 2022 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time after 4:21 PM.  Nakshatra  – Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira nakshatra till 1:55 AM on January 17. Then onward it is Punarvasu or Punartham nakshatra till 4:13 AM on January 18 . (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira nakshatra till 2:10 AM on January 17. Then onward it is Punarv