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20 ways to define spirituality

Innumerable are the ways to know and define spirituality. It varies from people to people. But all definitions have the same meaning. Here are 20 ways to define spirituality. Spirituality is realizing that the body keeps changing but the soul remains the same. Wholeheartedly accepting one’s being is spirituality. Breaking ego and experiencing bliss within. Returning to the source here on earth. You are happy and in peaceful state no matter what happen externally. Mind can be our friend and enemy. Making mind our friend is spirituality. Reaching a state of no worry and fear is the aim of spirituality. Embracing the whole creation and seeing the Supreme Truth in all animate and inanimate is spirituality. Do one’s work with piety and as an offering to the Supreme Truth. Reigning in the senses and not letting them into the forest of Maya or illusion is spirituality. Not letting the mind and intellect enter into the realm of negativity. Knowing when to say no; when to