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Haryali Amavasya in Shravan month

Hariyali Amavasi, or Haryali Amavasya, is the no moon day in the Shravan month in North India as per the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Hariyali Amavasi 2018 date is August 11. Great importance is given to green color during this Amavasya – a reflection of the green nature after the first monsoon showers.

Note - Hariyali Amavasi is known as Hariyali Amas in Gujarat and it is the Ashada Amavasi in the Gujarati Calendar.

The day is of great significance in many regions in North India as several towns and cities organize fairs during the period. Some of the important fairs are held in Udaipur and Rajsamand in Rajasthan.

Hariyali Teej - the first of the 3 main important Teej festival - is observed three days after Hariyali Amavasi.