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Puranmashi 2022 - Pooranmashi Vrat Dates With Time For 2022 - 2023

Puranmashi is the full moon day in the traditional Indian calendar. Below are the Pooranmashi time and dates in 2022 - 2023. The term is widely used Punjab, especially by Sikh and Hindu communities to refer to full moon day. Please note that in some regions Puranmashi might start a day early (mostly during previous day night) or in some cases overlap into the next day (might end on the morning of next day). Puranmashi in 2022 Puranmashi October 2022 October 9, 2022, Sunday Time is from 3:29 AM on October 9 to 2:24 AM on October 10 Fasting is on October 9. Puranmashi November 2022 November 8, 2022, Tuesday Time is from 3:58 PM on November 7 to 3:53 PM on November 8.  Guru Nanak Jayanti - November 8 Fasting is on November 7. Puranmashi December 2022 December 8, 2022, Thursday Time is from 7:21 AM on December 7 to 8:21 AM on December 8 Fasting is on December 7. Pooranmashi in 2023 Puranmashi January 2023 January 6, 2023, Friday Time is from 2:14 AM on January 6 to 4:38 AM on Jan

Never Allow Success Go To Your Head

Name, fame and wealth will be squandered when ego is allowed free reign. Many achieve success after hard work and determination but soon it gives rise to self-importance, arrogance and anger. With it starts the downslide. Therefore never allow success go to your head. Care for living beings, integrity, honesty and empathy should never be lost. They are the pillars on which our success should stand. When you become harsh, insensitive, and let compliments or praise of your success go to your head; and when your success makes you feel extremely proud; pause and turn around and look back.  This looking back is essential because if you do not look back and change, the slide begins. You will return to the old state. Observe silence for a few minutes daily. Drop all your thoughts. Surrender your intellect to the almighty. Drop all your success, ego and achievements. What are you now? You are that Supreme Truth. Know that you are just an instrument in the hands of Supreme Truth.