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10 Healthy Food Habits as per Hinduism – Healthy Food Information

This article is all about eating the right type of food, and how to eat the right way. Here are 10 healthy food habits to for a long healthy life as per Hinduism. The information is based on Hindu scriptures. Today, there is lot of food and fruits on disposal. Our ancestors never had this number of food and fruits on disposal. But they appreciated food more in the olden days. They were aware of what they were eating. They knew what to eat during a particular season. They knew what to eat at what time of the day. Lifestyle diseases and food related health problems were unknown. Today we no longer appreciate food. We do not respect food. We abuse it and the net result is numerous lifestyle diseases. Know what you are eating We should be always aware of what we are eating. Do not simply eat something out of the packet or from restaurants. Always know what you are consuming. Read carefully about all readymade foods. Make an effort to cook and eat healthy food. Know the ca