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Photos of Naga Sadhus - Understanding Self Realization

Nagas is a project by Sandeep Dhopate and it contains 20 photos of Naga Sadhus. The 20 photos capture a journey that begins with detachment from worldly possessions and ends in realizing the “Self.” It is a journey of a lifetime. The whole project is like understanding self realization through photos of Naga Sadhus. The first photo is of Purusha, the self – the universal self. Then there is an abstract photo Shiva. Then there appeared before them a transcendental sound vibration, emanating from a personality not visible to material eyes. The voice was as grave as the sound of a cloud, and it was very encouraging, driving away all fear. Shiva is formless and infinite like the blue sky. The third photo is of avidya (Ignorance). Because of identifying oneself with the body, one is subjected to desires for sense gratification, and thus one engages in many different types of pious and impious action. This ignorance is what constitutes material bondage.  Three State of Consc

Our true energy is the divine light within us – never allow it to be covered

Keep the body pure, clean, hygienic and healthy because it is filled with the light of God. But where is this light? We do not see it. We are unable to see it because the dirt of ignorance has completely covered the body. Light is still there but we need to first remove the dirt of ego, ignorance, hatred, power, lust, self-indulgence and unethical pleasure. Bad habits and self-indulgence have made our bodies weak, pale and emaciated. The light of God can never be extinguished. It is still lustrous but it is lost. We are unable to see it. Daily we pile up more and more dirt over it. Fitness and gym are of great interest to many. But for the majority, it is associated with looking good. We spend money and energy to look good. All this is to impress others. This is again ignorance. It is again piling up dirt and covering the light of God. The outer appearance of the body is like a lit candle. No matter how hard you try, it will perish quickly. It can also be forcibly extinguished.