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Story of King Janashruti and Cart Puller Raikva in the Chandogya Upanishad

Story of King Janashruti and cart puller Raikva is found in fourth chapter of Chandogya Upanishad. King Janashruti had attained luminous spiritual power by offering food to people. He built dharmasalas and eateries in all villages and towns in his country to ensure that no one slept without food.

One day the king was resting on the terrace of his palace. Two swans happened to be flying over the palace. One swan warned the other swan not to go near the king and disturb him, as his spiritual power will destroy it.

The other swan retorted by saying that the king is not as great as you think as there is a cart puller named Raikva in whom all virtue and wisdom resided. He is the greatest.

King Janashruti overheard the conversation and was curious to meet cart puller Raikva. After long search, the king was able to locate Raikva. The king made several offers to entice Raikva to make him his disciple. But the king was unsuccessful. The king then threatened the cart puller but it also had no …

Dwipushkar Yoga December 2017

Dwipushkar Yoga is a good muhurat as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. There is no Dwipushkar Yog December 2017. Detail time is given below. The day is ideal for buying car, signing paper for new home etc as it is believed investments made during the period doubles. Dwipushkar Yoga happens when there is a rare combination of lunar day (tithi), day and Nakshatra or birth star.

Dwipushkar Yog December 2017
There is no Dwipushkar Yog in December 2017

Five Situations That Arise In the Wake of Obstacles on the Path of Yoga

Five situations that arise in the wake of the obstacles on the path of Yoga are mentioned by Sage Patanjali in the Yogasutra. They are: PainMental dejection due to frustration and of desireTrembling of the bodyForcible inspirationsForcible expirations. To overcome all these five situations, Sage Patanjali has recommended the practice of pinpointedness.

One established in continence gains immense power and brilliance – Yoga Sutra

Regular and continuous practice of meditation, over a long period of time, with great respect and importance given to it, results in firm abidance.

One who is content with what he has will not steal that which belongs to others. All the hidden wealth of the world is revealed to one well established in the virtue of ‘asteya’ (not stealing).

One established in continence gains immense power and brilliance.

To one established in non-hoarding previous lives become known.
One established in inner purity enjoys a sense of well-being, cheerfulness, concentration and control of the senses, which make one fit for self realization.
– Yoga Sutra