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Get Closer To The Divine and The World Will Naturally Drop Off

When you attempt to forcibly give up the world, you are bound to fail. Get closer to the divine and the world will naturally drop off. All physical and mental efforts to drop of the materialistic world have met with failure. We run away to mountain and forest to lead a secluded life but our mind is ever more wandering in the world. Never attempt to cut off from life at any level. Remain in the current position and attempt to sow the seed of self-realization. You will soon be able to build the hermitage in the current position. There is no far of off place where everything is peaceful for example like a spiritual retreat. Such a place is sold by fake godmen and spiritual marketers. It is just like the tourism advertisement. You go stay and soon you will feel homesick. Your mind will become even more restless. Such places do the job a recreational drug like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or other similar chemicals. They never provide permanent solution. Life takes us to several