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Shalakya Tantra – Ayurveda – Associated With Diseases Above The Root Of The Neck

Shalakya Tantra is a special branch of Ayurveda dealing with the diseases of the parts of the body above the root of the neck. Salakya tantram is called so because there is a general use of shalaka, i.e., rod, stick or probe, in the method of treatment. The diseases dealt under this method are netra rogas (eye diseases), karna rogas (ear diseases), mukha rogas (mouth diseases) ad sira rogas (head diseases).

Sushruta mentions 76 types of eye diseases. Lepana (applications of paste), aseyotana (drops), seka (wash), anjana (collyrium), tarpana (saturation), etc., are some methods of treating eye diseases.

Karna sula (earache), karna nada (tinnitus), karna srava (otorrhea), karna paka (otitis), badhiriman (deafness), etc., are common ear diseases, and these are treated by fermentation, cleaning, washing, ear drops, and fumigations.

Diseases of the nose are pinasa (chronic coryza), purinasya (fetid smell in the nose0, nasa prasosa (dry rhitinis), dipta (acute rhitinis), nasa naha (nasal obstruction), ksavathu (sneezing), etc. Sniffing, fumigation, and processed oil are the methods of treating nasal diseases.

Mukha rogas include the diseases of lips, gums, teeth, palate and throat. Leakage of blood, muscle, and fat are the lip diseases.

Sitada (spongy gums), danta vesta (pyorrhea), etc, are the gum diseases.

The diseases of the teeth are bhanjanaka (disorder of teeth), krimidanta (cavities of teeth), and syavadanta (black teeth).

Diseases of palate are galasundi (elongated uvula) and talupaka (suppuration of palate).
 Rohini (diphtheria), ranthataluka (tonsillitis), adhijihva (acute inflammation of the tongue) etc are the diseases of the throat.

Treatment of mukha rogas includes cleansing, gargling, snuffing, smoking and bloodletting.

Sirahsula (headache), ardhavibhedaka (migrane) and sirakhika (meningitis) are the diseases of the head.

Sirovasti, rasya, fumigation, paste, intake of ghee, and washing are the methods of treating sira rogas.