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Puncture The Boat Of Ego And Rush Towards The Boat Of Love And Devotion

Dialogue is healthy because there is heart to heart connect. However, debate and argument are unhealthy, there is ego, arrogance, misinformation, agitation of the mind and the people involved in debate suffer. We see this daily on our worthless and valueless news channels. Those involved in argument develop blood pressure and heart problems. In a debate, there is the barking of egos. But in dialogue, there is peace, positivity, creativity, and no one gets defeated in a dialogue. It leads to progress. Truth is revealed. Sanatana Dharma promotes dialogue, this is seen in the Upanishads, Yoga Vasistha, the Bhagavad Gita and many other Hindu scriptures. Bhagavan sits with the devotee and has a healthy dialogue. Both bow, sit and discuss.


To hear the language of love we need to drop a mind that is full of logic. A mind addicted to scholarliness can never hear the language of love. Logic and scholarliness is the product of ego. It gives an aura of superiority – that I am different from the rest. It ruins happiness and the simple fine moments of life. The world needs to bring back the language of the heart. Logic and scholarliness might give you profit but it converts you into a robot. It breeds both physical and mental violence.  The price we have to pay for being too much logic and study is very high. Listen to the language of heart by singing, dancing and by just being you.


Sword in the hands of children is dangerous. They can harm others and themselves with it. So is wrong knowledge. When knowledge is in the hands of people who have not known truth it does more harm than good. Wrong learning and knowledge and their implementation have led to mass production and mass consumerism. We have destroyed a healthy ecosystem and created a system with problems after problems. Truth is that we are part of nature and we are not above it. We cannot stand separately from nature. We did not use knowledge wisely and today we are like children with sharp swords. We are harming ourselves and all other living beings on earth.


Those in search of truth can get lost in the world of words. Such people never find the door to truth. There are people who memorize verses from Gita, Upanishads, and Vedas. Such people are overburdened with scriptures. They go on performing verbal diarrhea at every possible arena. All the essence of Hindu scriptures is hidden in ‘OM.’ And the funniest part is that to know the Supreme Truth we have to drop words. It is realized in silence. When realization happens we become numb, dumb and deaf. That realization is beyond all human-made languages.


Shatter the ego. Become helpless and start sinking in devotion. Let tears roll out from you. Dance and sing the glory of the Supreme Truth. Puncture the boat of ego and rush towards the boat of love and devotion. Let all illusions disappear. Let all dark clouds covering the truth fall as torrential rains. The rain of false knowledge cannot sink the boat of love and devotion. Soon the dark clouds will be empty. Then you will see light – the only hope for humanity - the light of truth.