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Story – Show Me Where God Is Not

The story ‘show me where god is not’ was told by Dada J P Vaswani.

Little Mohan was returning home from the Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul classes.

As her turned into the tree-lined quiet lane where his home was, he was singing aloud the song he had learnt at the Gurukul that day.

He stopped to pick up a stone and examined it closely; he plucked a leaf to lift the caterpillar that was crawling on the pavement, and put it on the grass verge; he peered into a fluffy winged seed before blowing it away into the air.

He climbed a little tree in the neighbor’s garden to peer into a nest and ensure that the younglings of the sparrow were safe inside – and all this, as he was still singing the song aloud.

His neighbor called him: ‘Where have you been, Mohan? And what’s all singing about?’

‘I have been to my Sunday Gurukul classes’ replied Mohan cheerfully, and the song is about God, don’t you know?’

“And what did they teach you in the Gurukul?”

“That God is with us, He is watching us and watching over us all the time.”

The neighbor said, “I tell you what, show me where God is, and I will give you a brand new ten rupee note.”

Little Mohan considered the attractive offer and replied. “And I will tell what, Uncle, you show me where God is not and I will tell my father to give you a brand new five-hundred rupee note.”

Dada J P Vaswani