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Worship Of Vishnu And Goddess Lakshmi With Bilva Leaves

We all know that Bilva leaves are the most important offering to Lord Shiva. But offering Bilva leaves to Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu is also considered highly auspicious and meritorious.

It is said that Indra, the king of demigods, once lost to the Asuras (demons) and to get back his position he worshipped Goddess Lakshmi with Bilva leaves. Pleased with the worship, Goddess Lakshmi helped Indra in restoring his glory and position.

Goddess Lakshmi then told the Devas that those who worship me with the auspicious bilva leaves, they will be conferred their lost place along with immense wealth by my grace.

In Tirupati Balaji Temple, especially in Dhanur Masa, Lord Balaji is worshipped with Bilva leaves as he holds Goddess Lakshmi in his right bosom.

Vaikhanasa Bhrigu Samhita mentions the use of eight types of auspicious flowers for worshipped Lord Vishnu.
They are:
  • Nandivardhanam ( Jasmine),
  • Padmam (Lotus),
  • Tulasi (Basil),
  • Vishnu parnika (Orania),
  • Ganneru (oleander),
  • Kumudam (Red lotus),
  • Bilva (Belpatra), and
  • Metta Tamara.