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Intellect and Cleverness Breed Cunningness and Dissatisfaction

Right understanding is wisdom, self-realization, and peace. Intellect and cleverness are associated with cunningness and dissatisfaction. The world is today being exploited by clever and intelligent people. They spread the seeds of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied people are ripened to be exploited, and bend in any way required. The graph of cheating, exploitation, dishonesty, and hypocrisy is moving fast upward because the world is no longer dominated by people with wisdom and true knowledge. It is filled with ruthless educated people who are only interested in hoarding. There is no sharing and caring. Modern education was created not to let man stray into the path of the savage. But in reality, we have become worse than savages and the current education system continues to convert simple and innocent people into experts in exploiting all living beings and nature.

Cleverness, intellect and modern education are associated with outward search. It is concerned only with efficiency in creating wealth. There is no preservation, sharing, caring, and cooperation.

Wisdom and good sense are more concerned about the inner world. It is associated with empathy and progress. Wisdom teaches the progress of all forms of living beings on earth.

Plastic is a product of man’s intelligence and look what it has done to the world.

A simple, innocent and quiet person is dismissed as a stupid person by the majority of people today.

He who does not own a car, invest in luxury, vehicles, house or costly smartphone is no longer included in the friend circle.

Good sense, honesty, protecting nature, not hoarding and using only that much, which is required, is seen as weakness and stupidity.

What these intelligent people are not realizing is that all these material wealth can be snatched away in a split of a second. But real wealth cannot be snatched away from a person. True wisdom can withstand any kind of pressure.

Worldly wealth, beauty, husband, wife, children, house are really deceptions. All of it will be eventually taken away. It is only a matter of time before all this is lost.

So instead of spending energy and time in collecting things that can be snatched away tomorrow, we need to concentrate on our internal wealth. The beauty of internal wealth is that it can create external wealth, which can be enjoyed without fear of losing.

Worldly wisdom is no match to good sense.

The futility of worldly fame, position and reputation should be understood with right understanding.

Another important problem with intellect, cleverness and modern education is that there is no satisfaction. It breeds dissatisfaction. There is no limit. There is a never-ending competition. Right from school, we are put into a world of race. This race never stops. We are not to be satisfied with anything. Gather more and more; buy even if it has no use to our life. We are now taught to keep throwing things and keep buying new things. This masked in the form of an exchange offer. You buy a gadget like a mobile phone today and tomorrow you are made to feel that it is worthless.

To get out of this web of dissatisfaction and mad consumerism we need to strengthen our inner wealth. We should make sure that our inner wealth is not lost in the world of outer wealth.

Bring out the right understanding and wisdom to stop the march of the intelligent and clever people who have turned earth into a hell.