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Narayan Dham near Mahidpur in Ujjain – Dedicated to the Eternal Friendship of Krishna – Sudama

Narayan Dham near Mahidpur in Ujjain a unique shrine of Bhagavan Sri Krishna dedicated to his eternal friendship with Sudama, also known as Kuchela. The popular belief is that the Sandeepani Ashram in which Krishna studied was located near Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Story of  Narayan Dham 

Sri Krishna met Sudama for the first time at the ashram of Guru Sandeepani. He was a very poor boy. Soon Krishna and he became thick friends.

The education life in Ashram in ancient Hinduism included helping in the household activities of the Guru.

As per Srimad Bhagavad Purana, wife of Sandeepani Rishi one day asked Sudama and Sri Krishna to collect firewood. They went into the forest and collected wood. While returning they faced torrential rain.

Krishna and Sudama took refuge in a nearby place. It is believed that Narayan Dham near Ujjain is located at the spot.

Trees From The Time of Krishna

There are some lush greens in the temple complex. Devotees believe that these trees came up from the wood pieces that fell from the hands of Sri Krishna and Sudama.

Location of Narayan Dham

Narayan Dham is located around 9 km from Mahidpur. The temple is around 60 km southwest of Ujjain.

In this very rare temple, one can have darshan of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Sudama in the sanctum sanctorum.

The major highlight of the shrine is the evergreen lush trees associated with the story of Krishna and Kuchela.