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Get Closer To The Divine and The World Will Naturally Drop Off

When you attempt to forcibly give up the world, you are bound to fail. Get closer to the divine and the world will naturally drop off.

All physical and mental efforts to drop of the materialistic world have met with failure. We run away to mountain and forest to lead a secluded life but our mind is ever more wandering in the world.

Never attempt to cut off from life at any level. Remain in the current position and attempt to sow the seed of self-realization. You will soon be able to build the hermitage in the current position.

There is no far of off place where everything is peaceful for example like a spiritual retreat. Such a place is sold by fake godmen and spiritual marketers. It is just like the tourism advertisement. You go stay and soon you will feel homesick. Your mind will become even more restless. Such places do the job a recreational drug like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or other similar chemicals. They never provide permanent solution.

Life takes us to several places and then we settle down in a particular place for some reason or the other. This is your karma kshetra, along with fulfilling the needs of life, you have to achieve moksha or liberation in the same place.

We should be aware of every action, and then we will not make anywhere unbearable. We will be happy and content with all places. Excessive indulgence without awareness is what creates the problem and this is what makes us think that there is some other better place. The problem is not with a particular place or house; the problem is in our mind.

To escape from sex life, some people make extraordinary efforts. But their mind will always be focused on sex. If your mind is so enamored with sex, then indulge in it and realize it. When you indulge in it, you will realize the futility of it. Then you will be awakened. Then you will really drop sexual thoughts from your life. You will realize that few seconds of pleasure carries with it immeasurable misery.

There is a room in the big house, which is kept locked for generations. All the members of the family want to go inside and find out what is in it. But all were scared. Generations have thought about what is in the room and spend sleepless nights. Many died without ever opening the door but thinking about it. Then one day a naughty child while playing hide and seek went into the prohibited room. There was nothing in the room. When the mind is hooked on to something, just explore it and end the curiosity.

Renunciation, giving up, spiritual life all this has to happen naturally. When these things happen under the influence of another person or situation, you will be regretting it. There will be self-doubt. The mind will wander back and forth.

Transformation does not happen in the blink of an eye. It is a gradual process. A lot of questioning takes place in your mind. You experience various kinds of emotion. Finally, you will prepare your mind for self-realization. When the mind is absolutely ready for renunciation, you will realize that there is nothing to renounce. You will realize that majority of the time you were a witness and a couple of time actor. And even when you were the actor, you were controlled by a higher authority. The thread is always with the Supreme Truth. And that thread is passing through all animate and inanimate. You are just one of the actors, not the only actor. And all actors rise and fall in the Supreme Truth. There is nothing outside That Supreme Truth.