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Difference Between A True Saint And True Devotee

Here is difference between a true saint and true devotee. The word ‘true’ is purposefully used because the world is filled with duplicate saints and duplicate devotees. Duplicate swamis and devotees not only tarnish the reputation of a religion but also end up hurting the innocent devotee both financially and emotionally.

A True Saint
  1. A true saint is characterized by detachment.
  2. Is convinced that the Lord is within oneself.
  3. The Lord has no name or form, nirguna.
  4. Liberation is seeing God in one’s heart and everywhere else.
  5. Prays for steadfastness of devotion, unwavering mind, release from maya and samsara.
  6. Sets an example for others to follow, though oneself has transcended the stage of rituals and prayers.
  7. Renounces the world including one’s baggage from previous lives.
A True Devotee
  1. A true devotee develops attachment to one’s chosen deity.
  2. Looks upon the Lord as a separate entity.
  3. The Lord has many names and forms, saguna. We may call the Lord by any name.
  4. Liberation is being forever in God’s presence, worshipping, praising, feeling, touching, and serving God.
  5. Also prays for steadfast devotion, unfaltering dedication, and eventual permanent stay in the Lord’s abode.
  6. Engages in ritual worship and prayer for oneself as well as others to obtain the Lord’s grace.
  7. Sacrifices comforts and possessions.