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Hindu Vastu Tips to Help Women Progress in Career - 10 Tips

In today’s highly completive world, professionals are always on the lookout for the extra bit of luck to achieve career progress. Here are 10 Hindu vastu tips to help women progress in career. Do not sit cross-legged in office and while doing anything related to professional work. As per Vastu sitting cross leg is bad and attracts negative energy. Always make sure that the table in which you are working is above the level of your stomach. The working table should be square or rectangle. Never work on an oval-shaped table. If you are working from home never make your bedroom your office. It is considered bad as per vastu. Keep small crystal on your working table to improve luck and efficiency. This will help in improving positive energy. Ganesha, om symbol, fish etc are also considered auspicious. Keep painting or photo of flowers or water in the northeast corner of your work area. This will help in achieving success. Keep your working table in the northeast corner, as t

Feeding and Taking Care of Birds to Avoid Rahu – Ketu – Shani – Mangal Problems

Birds and animals are an indispensable part of Hindu religion. There is a popular belief in Hinduism that feeding and taking care of birds will help in solving all the problems associated with Rahu, Ketu, Shani and Mangal in horoscope or janam kundali. It is also believed that it helps in avoiding unexpected death in family. Once, a Brahmin who was unhappy with the course of his life brought a parrot. He took it home. His wife and children were happy to see the parrot and named it Sitarama. Soon the parrot became friendly with the people in the house. The people of the house took good care of it. Then one day when the family was doing their morning puja, the parrot made a strange voice. The family opened the cage. The bird came to door of the cage had look at the family members and then went back into the cage and fell down. The family took the bird to the pooja room and gave it water from Ganga River. Soon the parrot died. This story is found in the Shuka-Up

Symbolic Significance of the Main Door in a Hindu Home

The main door in a Hindu home is of great significance. It is decorated with toran and other religious auspicious things. It is symbolically the boundary between the inner and the outer world. The inside is pure and all the negative forces outside are stopped at the main door. Only auspicious things are allowed to enter through the door. Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed through the front door with Purna Kumbha, toran, mango leaves, rice plant, sugarcane, rangoli, painting of feet etc. Similarly, Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune, is kept outside and stopped at the main door by offering lemon and green chilly. She eats the sour and pungent food and goes away from the house. Just like how we are careful not to let anything bad, negative and inauspicious into the house, we should block all negative forces from entering into our mind and intellect. It should be kept pure just like the house. We should be well aware of what we read, hear and listen. Our thoughts should be purif