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Big Shivling at Hampi in Karnataka – Badavilinga Temple

There is a big Shivling at Hampi in Karnataka. It is the largest monolithic Shivling in Hampi and is popularly known as Badavilinga. It is located next to the famous Lakshmi Narasimha murti. The huge Shivling is housed inside small shrine with an opening in the front and top. The enormously large Shivling is 3 meters high and the base is 2 meter in diameter. Three eyes of Bhagavan Shiva are carved on the Shivling. Rain and sunlight directly fall on the Shivling. Badava means poor and it is believed that the Shivling was built and consecrated by a poor woman. A channel of water flows through the shrine. A small canal from Tungabhadra provides the water. Like all ancient Hindu temples, the outer structure is in a dilapidated condition. See more pictures of a poor old priest painstakingly taking care of the  Badavilinga Temple and Shivling here at India Divine .

Know How Hindu Tamil Women Are Suffering in Gulf – While Working as Maids

A large number of Hindu Tamil Women are working in the Gulf as maids and they are mercilessly trapped in modern day slavery. We Hindus are busy fighting in the name of caste, language, water… ;and our sisters and children are suffering at the hands of people who have attacked, massacred and marginalized us before and they continue to do it even now without any fear. Majority of Hindu Tamil Women who are seeking jobs in gulf support families devastated by the civil war in Sri Lanka. They are the sole breadwinners of the family. The women are sexually abused by recruiters and employers. They often end up earning nothing but abuse. We Hindus need to spread the word. We need to discuss such things in our dinning rooms, get togethers, temples and gatherings. Hindus residing in various parts of the world should come together to help Hindu women and children. Do not sit silent...do what little you can for Hindu women and children suffering around the world.... Read on the

Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes

The wise way to live life is to plan with a purpose, prepare with a prayer, proceed positively and pursue persistently. Life’s heaviest burden is one’s fight with life and to now flow with life. Ego is a disconnection with existence. By operating from ego one is against the wholeness. To be inwardly nothing, is to be part of that wholeness and in harmony with the whole. People strive to increase their standard of living, but not their standard of thinking. The best computer is the one between the ears. Understand the mind, transform and transcend the mind, by the discipline taught by yoga. Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes on Freedom Enlightenment is true freedom. It is called moksha which means freedom. Freedom not from something but just freedom. Freedom from something means you are bound by the thing you want to be free of. Freedom for something also assumes you are bound. But true freedom is like space that exists in the pot but is not bound by it. When the pot