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Auspicious stars for griha pravesh

Auspicious stars for griha pravesh as per Hindu astrology texts are:

Rohini Mrigasira – Makayiram Uttaraphalguni – Uthram Chitra – Chithirai Anuradha – Anusham or Anizham Pushya – Pooyam Uttarashada – Uthradam Dhanishta – Avittam Shatabhisha – Chathayam Uttarabhadra – Uthrittathi Revathi

Story of Kalki Avatar of Vishnu

Kalki Avatar is the future incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is yet to arrive. Story of Kalki Avatar is mentioned in Puranas especially Srimad Bhagavad Purana and Kalki Purana.

Since the world has gone utterly corrupt with adharmic activities, it is believed the Kalki Avtar will bring an end to the present cycle of the universe and after a span of darkness creation will begin once again.

It is said in Bhagavad Purana that he will appear in Sambhala village.

Kalki is usually depicted riding a horse with a drawn sword. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain and harsh sun are frequently associated with this avatar.

As per the popular version of the story, the end of Kali Yuga will see even the pious neglecting the Lord. The sufferings of those follow Dharma will become unbearable.
Lord Vishnu will appear as Kalki as the son of Vishnuvyas in the village of Sambhala. Riding a white horse with a drawn sword, Kalki will mow down the evil and corrupt and ensure the reign of Dharma.

Haldi Kumkum Dates in November 2017 – Auspicious days in November 2017 in For Haldi Kumukum ceremony

Haldi Kumkum Dates in November 2017 traditional Hindu calendar followed in India. Haldi Kumkum ceremony is mainly held in Maharashtra, parts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. This ceremony is mainly observed by women. Married women are invited during the ceremony.
Haldi Kumkum Dates in November 2017 –

November 1
November 2 November 3 good date till 1:45 PM
November 6 good date till 2:35 PM November 7 November 8
November 9 good date till 4:40 PM November 10 November 11 November 12 November 14
November 15 good date till 1:10 PM November 19 November 21
November 22 good date till 1:30 PM November 23 November 25 November 26 it is good date till 9:50 AM
November 27 November 28 November 29

Tulsi Manas Mandir in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – Varanasi Tulsi Manas Temple

Varanasi Tulsi Manas Temple is located on Durgakund road in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and is near the famous Durga Temple. The temple is noted for its art and architecture and essentially is a shrine that celebrates Ramcharitamanas of Goswami Tulsidas . The main murti worshipped in the temple is the Ram Parivar – Ram, Laxman, Mata Sita and Hanuman.

The shrine is located in a serene and tranquil environment.

Tulsidas making Chandan paste at the famous ghat of Chitrakoot is shown in the shrine using moving puppets.

Every wall, ceiling, pillars and each and every nook and corner of the shrine narrates the story of Ramayan through pictures, paintings and sculptures.

The verses of Ramacharitmanas are written on the walls of the shrine.

Other mutis worshipped in the temple are that of Satyaranayan, Ma Annapurna and Kashi Vishwanath.

One entering the main gate, there is a statue of Goswami Tulsidas.
Jhulan Utsav in Shravan month is an important ritual here. A month long fair is organized…

Bhagavad Gita – Akshara Parabrahman Yoga

The indestructible, the Supreme, is Brahman. The creative force that brings beings into existence is called ‘karma’.

He who meditates on me at the time of death is absorbed into me.

The thoughts at the time of death determine the character of the next birth.

Always think of Lord Krishna and do your work. When the mind and understanding is concentrated on Krishna, one reaches the feet of Lord.
All worlds come and go. Beings in such world continuously pass through the cycle of birth and death. But he who attains me never takes another birth.
Bhagavad Gita – Akshara Parabrahman Yoga