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Goddess Banashankari – About Hindu Goddess Banasankari

Goddess Banashankari is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. It is in this form she nourishes all living beings. She is popularly worshiped in the northern districts of Karnataka and southern parts of Maharashtra. She is essentially a forest Goddess.

In the Devi Mahatmya it is mentioned that Goddess Shakti appeared as Banashankari after a period of hundred years of drought. All the plants had died and there was nothing to eat. Banashankari brought forth from her body fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs to suffice the hunger of the people.

The form of Banashankari is described in detail in Durga Saptashati. Banasankari is blue in color. Her eyes are like lotus flower. She is depicted with numerous arms – one arm is shown as carrying a lotus with bees circling it. The other hands carry bow, arrows, flowers, roots, and vegetables.

The most popular festival dedicated to Goddess Banashankari is held from Paush Shukla Paksha Ashtami to Paush Purnima.
The most popular temple dedicate…

Guru Ast 2018 – Guru Astha months in 2018 in Hindu Calendar

Guru asta is a specific period in Hindu calendars. During this period no auspicious ceremonies are held in North India. Guru Astha 2018 time and date is given below:

Guru Ast is from November 12, 2018 to December 10, 2018. Marriages are not performed during the period. Thus you will not find Marriage dates and other auspicious function dates in November 2018
The total number of days in a Guru Asta are 28 days. Roughly a month.

Thiruvairanikulam Temple Opening Date in 2018 - Thiruvairanikulam temple Nadathurappu Mahothsavam 2018

Thiruvairanikulam Temple near Aluva in Kerala is dedicated to Lord Shiva. But the temple is famous for a shrine of Goddess Parvati which is open only for 12 days in a year. Thiruvairanikulam Temple ppening date in 2018 is January 1. Thiruvairanikulam temple Nadathurappu Mahothsavam or festival ends in 2017 on January 12.

Goddess Parvati shrine is open for 12 days from Thiruvathira Nakshatram in Dhanu Masam as per Malayalam Calendar followed in Kerala.

Legend has it that Goddess Parvati used to cook food for Lord Shiva in the temple kitchen. No one was allowed to enter the temple during the period. A group of Brahmins wanted to find out the secret and ventured into the temple at not designated time.

For breaking the rule, Goddess Parvati left the temple in anger.

The Brahmins asked for her mercy and performed intense austerities. She later relented and agreed to make her presence felt in the sanctum sanctorum for 12 days.
Today, the 12-day period attracts thousands of devotees to th…

Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple Contact Details with Number

Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple is located at Nelluvaya in Thrissur District in Kerala. The shrine is around 21 km from Thrissur town. Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple contact details with telephone numbers are given below.

The Devaswom Officer Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple, Nelluvai (P.O), Erumapetty (Via), Thrissur - 680584 Ph : 04885-264269
E-mail :

Raghunath Temple at Devprayag in Uttarakhand – Devprayag Raghunathji Mandir

Raghunath Temple at Devprayag in Uttarakhand is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ram. Raghunathji Mandir enshrines a six feet Shaligram murti of Bhagavan Sri Ram. Legend has it that Lord Ram did penance here to atone for the killing of Ravana.

Adi Vishweshwar Mahadev is the name of the Shivling established by Lord Ram here. It is located directly underneath the courtyard of the main temple complex.

The main temple complex is atop a small mount and one has to climb several steps to reach it. Pillars support the mandap and the silver mounted gateway that leads to the sanctum sanctorum. There is a murti of Garuda in front of the temple.

The main festivals observed in the temple are Ramnavami and Sri Krishna Janmashtami. A small murti of Bhagavan Ram is brought out during the occasion.

The subsidiary shrines in the temple are dedicated to Annapurna Mata, Hanuman and Shankaracharya.

The life story of Rama and Krishna are featured on the walls of the temple.

Satyanarayan Vrat 2018 Dates - Satyanarayana Puja Dates

Satyanarayan Vrat is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. Satyanarayana is a highly compassionate form of Sri Hari Vishnu. Here are the Satyanarayan Vrat and Puja dates in 2018. Performing Satyanarayana vrat and puja is believed to usher in prosperity and is performed after marriages, important ceremonies, achievements, purchase of property or house etc.
Satyanarayan Vrat 2017 January 1, 2018, Monday January 31, 2018, Wednesday

There is no Satyanarayan Vrat date in February 2018

March 1, 2018, Thursday.
March 31, 2018, Saturday.

April 30, 2018, Monday.

May 29, 2018, Tuesday.

June 28, 2018, Thursday.

July 27, 2018, Friday.

August 26, 2018, Sunday

September 25, 2018, Tuesday

October 24, 2018, Wednesday

November 23, 2018, Friday

December 22, 2018, Saturday
Satyanarayan Vrat sometimes falls a day before Purnima. This is because Purnima Tithi should be present during Pradosh period for Satyanarayan Vrat.
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God is the highest commander of this world – Shirdi Sai Baba

God Dwells in all creatures, which may be serpents or scorpions. All creatures obey His command, God is the highest commander of this world.
You have to chant God’s name with your tongue, hear His miracles and story through ears, see His manifestation and beauty through eyes. Do not waste your time, human body is seldom got by the grace of God.
We will come to know of God’s will and His command through God-realized saints.
God is most merciful; neither I am God or Lord. I am his obedient servant and remember Him often. – Shirdi Sai Baba