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Shirkai Devi – Information About Hindu Goddess Shirkai Devi

Goddess Shirkai Devi, also referred as Ma Shirkai, is a manifestation of Mother Goddess and is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra. She is a village deity. The main temples dedicated to the Goddess are located in Kolhapur and neighboring districts in Maharashtra. Goddess Shirkai Devi is a fierce form of Goddess Shakti. The murti of Goddess has eight arms and is depicted as killing a buffalo demon. She depicts the characteristics of Durga, Kali and Chamunda. She is worshipped for peace, prosperity, protection, good agriculture, healthy children, early cure of diseases and for victory over enemies. Shirkai Devi removes darkness caused by Adharma. She upholds righteousness by protecting those who practice Dharma.

Lobhi Thakurani Temple at Garh Santry near Angul – Lovi Thakurani Temple

Lobhi Thakurani Temple, also known as Lovi Thakurani Temple, is located at Garh Santry, a village 17 km off Angul town in Odisha. The Goddess blesses children with long life and prosperity. The name of the goddess ‘Lobhi’ means greediness. People say that this greediness is positive and is associated with greediness of devotion, offerings and to sacrifice egoism. Legend has it that the Goddess was originally worshipped by demon king Ravana. After Rama killed Ravana, the Goddess followed Bhagavan Sri Ram to Ayodhya and on the way she settled at Garh Santry. The main ritual associated with the temple is observed on Kartik Purnima, the full moon day in Kartik month, which falls in November. The main offering during the festival is the tonsuring of hair. The festival is known as Lobhi Thakurani Yatra. The shrine is small but beautiful. It is decorated with paintings and sculptors of various manifestations of mother Goddess Shakti.