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Showing posts from December 22, 2016

Gopi Talav in Dwarka

Gopi Talav is located on the way from Dwarka to Bet Dwarka in Gujarat. It is a pond and associated with Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The popular belief is that Gopis of Vrindavan met Sri Krishna for the last time here. It is also believed that they merged in the pond and attained moksha. The mud in Gopi Talav is yellow in color and is known as Gopi Chandan. Gopi Chandan is worn as chandan on the forehead by some Hindu devotees. Another attraction on the banks of the pond is the Mahaprabhuji Bethak.

Bharavi Thoughts

A small collection of thoughts of Bharavi. Those who wish well towards their friends disdain to please them with words which are not true. The friendship of the bad is like the shade of some precipitous bank with crumbling sides, which, falling buries him who is beneath. As drops of bitter medicine, though minute, may have a salutary force, so words, though few and painful, uttered seasonably, may rouse the prostrate energies of those who meet misfortune with despondency. Be patient, if thou wouldst thy ends accomplish; for like patience is there no appliance effective of success, producing certainly abundant fruit of actions, never damped by failure, conquering all impediments. Bharavi