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Ka – Vedic God Identified with Prajapati

Ka is one of the names of Prajapati, a Vedic God. The reference to the deity is found in the famous Hiranyagarphasukta (Rig Veda X.121). Why Prajapati is known as Ka is mentioned in a story in the Aitareya Brahmana by Acharya Sayana.

Prajapati is known as Ka because of his unexplainable nature.

Some of the other explanations:

Ka is derived from root ‘kam’ which means to desire. According to this derivation Prajapati is called ‘Ka’ because he has a constant desire for creation.
Another derivation of Ka is from root ‘kam’ which means to make happy. Prajapati is said to give happiness to all creatures.

November 2017 – Good Date for Business as Per Hindu Calendar and Panchang - Auspicious Date for Business Opening in November 2017

Beginning business on good date is considered a must for many Hindus. Below are the good dates for business in November 2017. The day is highly auspicious for opening new shops, starting new business, entering into contract, signing business documents etc.
Good Date for Business in November 2017
November 1
November 2 November 3 good date till 1:45 PM
November 6 good date till 2:35 PM November 7 November 8
November 9 good date till 4:40 PM November 10 November 11 November 12 November 14
November 15 good date till 1:10 PM November 19 November 21
November 22 good date till 1:30 PM November 23 November 25 November 26 it is good date till 9:50 AM
November 27 November 28 November 29

Sant Janabai

Sant Janabai was one of the great woman Sants during the medieval bhakti movement in the present day Maharashtra. Janabai was born in 1260 AD in a poor family. Her father, Dama, had a dream in which he was asked to take his daughter to Damaseti, father of Sant Namdev.

At the house of Sant Namdev, Janabai became a devotee of Lord Vitthal.

It is said that whenever she stopped her household work out of tiredness, Lord Vitthal completed it for her.

Once, Janabai was accused of stealing the ornaments and shawl of Lord Vitthal. When people tried to impale her on a spear, the spear dissolved into water.
The devotional songs written by her are very popular. She also wrote devotional songs in praise of Sant Namdev and Cokamela.

Teachings from Vedarthasangraha of Sri Ramanujacharya

The Supreme Being endows all sentient beings with the power of thought and power of action. Thus the general equipment needed for the performance as well as the non-performance of actions is furnished by him.

Then in order to manage the situation, he becomes the support and basis of all, enters into all beings and governs from within by his approbation of acts of individual will.

He abides as the fundamental ‘sesin’ of all, all the individuals being subsidiary to him. The individual, thus equipped with all the requisite powers and facilities, endowed with the power of initiative, engages in actions and abstinence from action by his own spontaneity of will.
The Supreme Being, witnessing his activity, remains unconcerned. Thus the whole situation is intelligible.