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November 2017 Good dates for buying Car – Bike – Scooter – Other Vehicle – as per Hindu Panchang and Calendar

Good and auspicious dates for buying car is based on good Nakshatra, tarabalam, karana, tithi and yog. November 2017 date and time to buy car as per Hindu Panchang and Calendar is given below. The entire time on these days are good for the purpose in November 2017. Below are the good dates for buying car, bike, scooter or other vehicles.

November 1
November 2 November 3 good date till 1:45 PM
November 6 good date till 2:35 PM November 7 November 8
November 9 good date till 4:40 PM November 10 November 11 November 12 November 14
November 15 good date till 1:10 PM November 19 November 21
November 22 good date till 1:30 PM November 23 November 25 November 26 it is good date till 9:50 AM
November 27 November 28 November 29

Story of Namdev and the Dog

Sant Namdev was one of the pillars of the Bhakti cult that developed around the worship of Bhagavan Vitthal of Pandarpur in Maharashtra during the middle ages. Story of Namdev and the dog symbolically shows that he was a personification of compassion.

Legend has it that once when Sant Namdev had sat down for his routine meal of Dal Roti with a dash of ghee to go with it, all of a sudden; a dog appeared and, snatching a roti, ran away.

Namdev got up hurriedly and, grabbing the small container holding the ghee, ran after the dog, hailing it, “O Lord! How will you eat the dry roti all by itself? Please take this ghee with it!

Sant Namdev, who saw God in everything, including the dog, ran after Him. The sweetness with which he addressed the canine and the compassion behind his action reveals the sensitivity of evolved souls, who see creation as an extension of themselves.
Source - My Mother, My Master By Swami Pranavamritananda Puri

Story of Gora Kumbhar and Namdev

Hiranyagarbha Sukta

Hiranyagarbha Sukta is a hymn dedicated to Prajapati, the lord of being, in Rig Veda. It is the 121st hymn of the tenth book – Dasama Mandala – of Rig Veda. Hiranyagarbha literally means ‘golden womb’ or ‘of golden orgin,’ the word golden denoting that which is resplendent life fire.

The backdrop of Hiranyagarbha Sukta is the early formation of a huge ellipsoid of the original matter of the universe and the Big Bang creating sun-like luminous bodies and earth-like planets.
There are in all ten mantras in Hiranyagarbha Sukta, out of which nine end with the question –“To which deity should we offer oblations?” The answer is Prajapati. The hymn ends like this “O Prajapati, none of all these created beings and the creatures are apart from you, or encompassed by anyone else.’

Godh Bharai Dates in July 2017 – Hindu Baby Shower Good Dates in July 2017

Godh Bharai Dates in July 2017 is based on Hindu calendar and Panchang. Godh Bharai is the Hindu baby shower and is one of the auspicious occasions. Below are the good dates in July 2017 for performing this important ritual.

Godh Bharai Dates in July 2017

July 1 good date after 6:20 PM
July 2 July 3 July 5 July 6 is good till 8:20 AM
July 9 is good till 10:35 AM
July 10 is good after 11:10 AM July 11
July 12 is good after 2:05 PM July 13 July 14
July 15 it is good till 2:30 PM July 16 July 18 good till 8:45 PM July 20 July 24
July 26 is good till 7:25 PM
July 27 is good after 7:00 PM July 28 July 29
July 30 is good till 8:05 AM July 31 is good till 9:35 AM

Take care of your thoughts and desires – Dada J P Vaswani

Often times, we pay scant attention to our thoughts. But thoughts are forces. Thoughts survive and have forms and colours: and they cling to us. They are never lost. A thought may have the form of an angel or a demon, depending upon its contents. If I think a thought of peace, good-will, love, service, purity, prayer, it will stick to me, wearing the form of an angel. If I think a thought of hatred, jealousy, envy, resentment, ill-will, greed, lust, it will stick to me, wearing the form of a demon.
Each one of us has around himself these forms – angelic or demoniac – depending upon the type of thoughts he thinks.
Take care of your thoughts and desires, your impulses and emotions, your feelings and fancies. With them you are building your own life, your hell or your heaven. You are the builder of your own fate, the architect of your destiny. No one – other than you – is to blame for your present condition. You have built it with your own thoughts and desires generated in the near or d…