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Story – Sage Narada Curses Vishnu To Lose His Wife And Get Her Back With Help Of Monkeys

Story of Sage Narada cursing Vishnu to lose his wife and get her back with help of monkeys is part of Shri Ramcharitmanas written by Goswami Tulsidas. Once Shiva blessed Sage Narada to perform intense meditation in Tapovan and that no one would be able to disturb him. The meditation of Sage Narada became a concern for the ever insecure Indra, the king of Devas. He thought that after successful completion of the mediation, Sage Narada might become the king of Devas. All attempts including torrential rain (by Varun dev), hurricane (Vayu Bhagavan) and forest fire (Agni Dev) employed by Indra to disturb the penance of Sage Narada failed miserably. Even all possible methods adopted by Kamdev (god of love) too failed to breach the penance. When the penance was completed successfully, Sage Narada was filled with pride. He forgot that he was able to gain victory over elements and passion only with the blessing of Lord Shiva. Sage Narada met Shiva and proudly announced about

Breath Which Holds Body Together Like Thread - Sutratman In Hindu Philosophy

Sutratman is the breath (prana) which performs the function of holding the body together like a thread (sutra). In the Hindu philosophical systems, sutratman is synonymous with hiranyagarbha (the cosmic golden energy or womb from which the creation of the Universe took place). The concept of Sutratman is used in the analysis of the five sheaths of living beings. The outermost sheath is the gross body perishing with death. The pranamaya kosha (the vital sheath), the manomaya kosha (mental sheath), and the vijnanamaya kosha (knowledge sheath) form the subtle body (Sukshma Sharira which transmigrates. The innermost sheath (anandamaya kosha) is manifest only in deep sleep, while the atman transcends all these. The term Sutratman refers to the divinity that presides over the concentration of the subtle bodies of all living beings. Each subtle body is regarded as belonging to every being. All the subconscious expressions from which conscious experience is derived are latent in th

Story of Sage Durvasa Cursing Airavata

Story of Sage Durvasa cursing Airavata, the white elephant of Indra, and the following redemption is from stories associated with the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. Sage Durvasa worshipped Shiva on the banks of Ganga. The single-minded devotion of the Sage was answered by Shiva in the form of a lotus. The Sage decided to gift the flower to Indra, the king of Devas. On the way to heaven, Sage Durvasa encountered Indra who was making a triumphant return atop his elephant Airavata. He gave the flower to Indra. The king of Devas did not know what to do with the flower so he placed it on one of the tusks of Airavata. Soon the divine fragrance of lotus flower attracted the bees. The white elephant tossed his three heads and swatted the bees with his seven trunks. While trying to shoo away the flies, Airavata did not notice that the flower had fallen down. He accidentally trampled on the fallen lotus flower. Sage Durvasa considered this as an insult and cursed Indra that he w

How to Realize God? – Swami Sivananda

How to realize God is a question that disturbs an earnest spiritual seeker. Swami Sivananda attempts to answer this question. God is a question of supply and demand. If you really yearn for His Darshan, He will reveal Himself to you in an instant. You need neither art nor science, neither study nor erudition for God-realization, but faith, purity and devotion. Combine all the love you cherish towards all worldly objects — wife, children, wealth, property, relatives, and friends— and then apply this combined love towards God. You will realize in this very second. To serve God and Mammon at the same time is impossible. You cannot enjoy the bliss of the Self and the sensual pleasure in the same cup. You cannot have light and darkness at the same time. The Lord demands your whole heart. Reduce yourself into zero before God. Only then, will God completely take care of and guide you. Only then, surrender becomes complete. Forget your own interests, your own longing

Snake Climbing Tree in Meaning And Interpretation

Seeing snakes in dream is very common for many people. As per Hindu science of dream interpretation, the meaning of dream depends on the color and activity of the snake. Here is the meaning and interpretation of seeing snake climbing tree in dream. Brown or any other color snake climbing tree in dream is associated with progress in your field of activity. Business related activity will flourish. As per swapna shastra seeing snake climbing trees is positive and auspicious. It must be noted that the seeing of white snake should happen without any influence. Some people dream about snakes after seeing movies, snake related incidents or snake documentary. Dreams after such incidents have no value.