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Why is Mariamman A Gram Devata Or Village Deity?

Mariamman is seen almost in every village of Tamil Nadu. There is an interesting and legendary story as to why Mariamman is a gram devata or village deity. Mariamman was originally called Renuka. She was the wife of a rishi by name, Jamadagni. The sons of a cruel king by name Karthaveerya, killed Jamadagni. Seeing the cruel fate that befell her beloved husband, Renuka jumped into fire. But as she was an amsa or aspect of Shakti, her burning in fire would have terrible consequences for the world. Recognizing this, Devendra, king of the devatas, who is also the god of rains, immediately rained over the fire to pacify Renuka. The fire was extinguished. However, the garments that Renuka wore had all been burnt down and in the bargain, blebs had appeared all over her partially burnt body. Finding a huge neem tree nearby, she immediately draped herself in bunches of neem twigs and leaves.   She reached a small colony of people nearby. She was hungry and so asked th

Rudrani – About Goddess Rudrani

Information about Rudrani is found in various Hindu scriptures especially in Puranas. As per Vishnu Purana, seeing Adharma flourishing on earth and Mother Earth suffering, Brahman became angry. From his curved eyebrows and forehead burning with anger rose Rudra, luminous like afternoon sun. His body was huge and it was half male and half female. The female half of Brahman separated from the body and came to be known as Rudrani. Thus Rudrani is the consort of Rudra Shiva. She is powerful Tantric goddess. She has two arms and holds lotus and whisk. She sits on a tiger skin spread atop a lotus. Murtis of Rudrani are made from gold, silver, bronze, wood or stone. She is worshipped with esoteric Tantric rituals. She was offered animal sacrifice. Tantrics also worship her in cremation grounds. As per Vishnu Purana, Rudrani split into 11 Rudranis. These 11 Rudranis became the consort of 11 Rudras. They are worshipped in numerous names today.

Miracle Story of Siddha Ramappa Kolanu In Srisailam Temple

Siddha Ramappa Kolanu was a seven-year-old boy who had the extreme luck of seeing Mallikarjuna Swamy (Lord Shiva) Himself at Srisailam. The kolanu (or pond) in the middle of the picturesque valley, in which the Srisailam Temple is located, derives its name from the 12 th century AD devotee, Siddha Ramappa Kolanu. Seven-year-old Siddha Ramappa arrived at the Srisailam Temple from Solapur. He was a part of a large pilgrim group. The young boy was in search of Lord Shiva. But he is not satisfied when he is shown the jyotirlinga in Srisailam. He wanders all over the place to find the image of Shiva that he wanted to see. But his search was in vain. In desperation, Siddha Ramappa jumps into the pond only to be pulled out by Lord Shiva who appeared before the boy as Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy. From that day onwards the pond and the valley came to be known as Siddaramappa. There is a small waterfall and a pond in the sacred place. Thousands of devotees visit the holy spot dai

Dos And Don'ts During Pregnancy As Per Hinduism

From time immemorial, Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) gave prime importance to the experience of fetus in the womb. Nine months of pregnancy is a holy period in Hinduism. Emotional, physical and mental wellbeing begins in the womb. Here are few tips on what to do and what not to do as per Hinduism during pregnancy. Emotions, thoughts, feelings and behavior of mother have direct connection with the unborn child. Eg – Kauravas were born to Gandhari who nursed jealousy towards Kunti. She and Dhritarashtra wanted to have children because they wanted to keep the throne. There was nothing positive before the birth of Kauravas. There was only fear, anger, hatred, frustration and ego. All this led to Gandhari pushing out an unborn fetus, which was saved by Vyasa. And what did the children of Gandhari do; they only caused harm to themselves and others. Real decisions should be taken before becoming pregnant. Before getting pregnant, the couple should take some important decisions. They

Yellow Sapphire Mantra – Secret - Effective Way Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Ring

The mantra or prayer associated with birthstone yellow sapphire is dedicated to Jupiter or Guru or Brihaspati. The mantra should be chanted before wearing the yellow sapphire ring. Below you will find a secret and highly effective way of wearing yellow sapphire. It will help in attaining wealth, name, fame, honor and good health. Chanting the mantra and wearing the yellow sapphire ornament will help in curing eye diseases. Yellow sapphire ring mantra is :  Om  Brim Brihaspataye Namah (ॐ  ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः ) The ring should be worn on the index finger of right hand after chanting the mantra. The ring should be worn from sunrise to before 7:30 AM during the waxing phase of moon. The ideal day is Thursday. It is highly helpful to energize the yellow sapphire once in a week (on Thursdays) by chanting the above given mantra 108 times.  While chanting the mantra keep the yellow sapphire on a yellow color cloth or flower. The best metal to make ring of yellow sapphire is