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True love is not about difference but about oneness

The love that we see around today is identification and attachment with body and mind. In this kind of love, one constantly strives to own and overpower just like one does when one acquires a property or an object. All the time and effort of an individual is spent on protecting the love or the person and in ensuring that this love is not snatched by some other person. Just like one guards one’s wealth, people guard their love or people they love and ensure they are bound by their love. To call this behaviour love is to make a mockery and insult it. The love we see around is governed by fear, attachment and possessiveness. It is not true love. True love needs sacrifice. It requires us to go beyond our limited notions of ourselves as body and mind. What is commonly seen as love today is just another method of asserting authority. True love is not about difference. It is about oneness. It is not about wanting to possess. It is liberating. Only that person who does not have a fixed