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Showing posts from December 26, 2019

Going Beyond Body

Our body is our first address. That is where we live, that is what we constantly associate our personality with. Our every action, speech, and thought is centered around our body. When one stands in front of the mirror, it is one’s own body that a person thinks of as one’s personality. Integral to our very existence in this ephemeral world, our body is the ladder to achieving anything, temporal or spiritual. Through this body, we have to toil and achieve our dreams of this mundane world. And it is through this body that we have to attempt to comprehend, contemplate, and realise the beyond. While we seem to have no problem adjusting ourselves to the fact that this body is a tool for achieving things temporal, it is beyond us, to most of us, how this body can be a stepping stone to things spiritual. The first step in understanding that this body can help us comprehend our true nature, our spiritual personality, is to understand that it is a window to our true personality, the At