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Procedure Of Taking Sannyasa In Hinduism

The procedure of taking sannyasa (renunciation) in Hinduism is found the upanishads like Katha Rudra and Paramahamsa Parivrajaka. The procedures are: Study of Vedas as a celibate student   (brahmacharin) Performance of duties as per knowledge texts like Vedas Marriage, begetting children and providing them with suitable means Permission of elders and members of family for taking sannyasa Resorting to the forest and performing the Agnihotra Yajna for twelve nights Gifts to be offered to a teacher Abandonment of all external symbols like tuft, sacred thread etc and receiving Kashaya vastra (ochre clothes) and a staff from teacher. According to Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Upanishad, these steps are not necessary for a person who is already detached from the worldly life and whose mind is engrossed in Brahman – the supreme truth. Such a person may become a sannyasin at any stage in life and need not perform any ritual for taking to sannyasa.

Intellect and Cleverness Breed Cunningness and Dissatisfaction

Right understanding is wisdom, self-realization, and peace. Intellect and cleverness are associated with cunningness and dissatisfaction. The world is today being exploited by clever and intelligent people. They spread the seeds of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied people are ripened to be exploited, and bend in any way required. The graph of cheating, exploitation, dishonesty, and hypocrisy is moving fast upward because the world is no longer dominated by people with wisdom and true knowledge. It is filled with ruthless educated people who are only interested in hoarding. There is no sharing and caring. Modern education was created not to let man stray into the path of the savage. But in reality, we have become worse than savages and the current education system continues to convert simple and innocent people into experts in exploiting all living beings and nature. Cleverness, intellect and modern education are associated with outward search. It is concerned only with efficiency in