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Kaloor Pavakkulam Sri Mahadeva Temple information - Festival

The annual temple festival at Kaloor Pavakkulam Sri Mahadeva Temple near Ernakulam is observed in the Dhanu month as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. The annual festival at Kaloor Pavakkulam Sri Mahadeva temple begins ten days before the Thiruvathira nakshatra in Dhanu month. The festival ends on Thiruvathira nakshatra. The annual festival is noted for special pujas, rituals, taking the utsava murti of the main deity outside the temple and presentation of various temple art forms of Kerala. Special Utsava Bali to get the blessings of Upa Devathas and Parivaraprathishtas are conducted on the eighth day. The most important event during the ten day festival is the pakalpooram, which is observed on the ninth day. The procession starts from the Cherathrikkovil Sree Krishna Swamy temple. Every year a Sunday during the festival is dedicated to remembering famous Music Director Sri Raveendran Mash. His songs and compositions are rendered throughout the

Understanding the word Jnana – Knowledge in Hinduism

The word ‘jnana’ is derived from the root jna, which means to know, to have knowledge, to become acquainted with, to perceive, to apprehend, to understand, to ascertain, to investigate, to recognise, to regard, or to consider. When the suffix ‘ana’ is added, the resultant word ‘jnana’ means knowledge, knowing, perception, apprehension, understanding, ascertainment, investigation, recognition, or consideration. ‘Jnana’ can refer to both the process and corpus of knowledge. Consciousness can also be referred to by the word ‘jnana’. When taken to mean knowledge, jnana can be broadly categorized into two types: paroksha, mediate and aparoksha, immediate. Paroksha Jnana Any jnana or knowledge that is acquired through some medium like the sense organs or the mind is called paroksha jnana. The perception of any object by the eyes is a paroksha jnana and so is the study of any text or any branch of knowledge. In short, anything that has to be known with the help of the mind is known