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Shivratri Puja 2024 Time

Shivaratri puja is held during the night of March 8, 2024 and early hours of March 9. Some people opt for the Nishita Kala to perform pujas and rituals. All pujas and rituals are completed before Amavasya (No moon) starts. Detail Shivratri puja 2024 time is given below: Nishita kaal puja time is from 12:13 AM on March 5 to 1:02 AM on March 5 (most important pujat time) This is during midnight. Puja is to be performed four times on the day. Morning  Noon Pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset) Nishita kaal puja Chaturdashi tithi time is from 9:58 PM on March 4 to 6:18 PM on March 5. Some people perform four pujas on Chaturdashi tithi and the time are as follows: First Prahar Puja – 6:39 PM to 9:40 PM on March 8 Second Prahar Puja - 9:41 PM on March 8 to 12:45 AM on March 9 Third Prahar Puja - 12:45 AM to 03:51 AM on March 9 Fourth Prahar Puja - 3:51 AM on March 9 to before sunrise on March 9 It must be note that the whole day of Shivratri is dedicated

Janardhana Form of Vishnu

Janardhana is one among the numerous forms of Vishnu. In this form, Srihari Vishnu destroys demons like Madhu and Kaitabha. In the Janardhana form, Vishnu has four hands. He holds Sudarshana Chakra (discus) and padma (lotus flower) in his right hands. In his left hands, he holds Shankh (conch) and gada (mace). He takes the form to destroy various demons living in water. These demons cause harm to demigods, saints and living beings. Worship of this form of Srihari Vishnu frees living beings from rebirth. He blesses his true devotees with liberation and frees them from worldly sufferings. In the Gayatri Mantra, he is the governing deity of the letter ‘pra.’ He is also the lord of the southwest cornor. As this form is associated with water, He helps in curing diseases related to salt.

What is Vakri Shani? – Remedies to Vakri Shani in Hinduism

Vakri Shani in Hindu astrology is associated with Shani Bhagavan – one of the nine planets or navgrahas. Shani is believed to be a malevolent planet in Hinduism. What is Vakri Shani? It is the upside down movement of Shani. The planet will move in the reverse direction during Vakri Shani period. Here are the remedies to Vakri Shani. There is a widespread belief that Vakri Shani entering a rashi can help a person achieve success in money related matters. When Vakri Shani is passing through the person’s rashi, the person should light a lamp using mustard oil (sarsom ka tel). Donating mustard oil is also considered highly meritorious. This will help in solving financial problems and there will be no debt. The easiest and most powerful way to overcome Vakri Shani is to visit and offer prayers in a Hanuman Temple on all Tuesdays and Saturdays. Offering Sindhoor and Jasmine oil to Hanuman on Tuesdays or Saturdays will help in fulfillment of desires. Chant the following mantra

Beauty Spot On Nose - Til Or Mole On Nose Meaning And Importance

Beauty spot or til on nose is not interrupted as bad in Hinduism. It is neither good. The position of beauty spot or mole, locally known as til, has specific meaning to certain Hindu communities. It is also only given importance in certain regions. The person with til on nose will be continuously traveling. This can be interrupted as the person will get a job which demands constant travel. It can also mean that the person will not be able to stay in a place for very long time. Another very weird belief is that the person with til on nose will have too much interest in sex related matters. It must be remembered that the use of beauty spot to determine future etc is not followed by majority of Hindus. It is limited to certain communities and regions. There are also no references in Hindu scriptures which talk about the importance of beauty spot. It would be wise if you do not follow such things and concentrate on your studies and career.