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Story of Demon Baskala And Goddess Durga

Demon Baskala was a king of Asuras and was born in the lineage of Hiranyakashipu. His story begins when he was appointed as one of the ministers of Demon Mahishasura. The demon attained moksha as he was annihilated by Mother Goddess Shakti. Baskala helped Mahishasura in his battle against Indra. Thus he became one of the trusted lieutenants of the demon king. In the combat against Mother Goddess Durga, Baskala was one of the great warriors on the side of Mahishasura. He appeared in the battlefield during the fag end of the war. He engaged Mother Goddess valiantly and he attempted to give a hard blow on the chest of Goddess Durga but She evaded the blow with her club. Mother Goddess then fought with him using Her trident and She finally thrust it on his chest. Baskala fell dead and he attained moksha.

Hindu Mantra to Overcome Depression

If you are a Hindu and believe in the power of mantras and chanting, the ideal mantra to overcome depression is to Chandra mantra. Chandra, the moon god, in Hinduism is associated with mind. He along with Shiva should be worshipped to overcome depression. Hindu Mantra to Overcome Depression श्रीं चंद्राय सौम्यजनकाय नमः Shreem Chandraya Saumyjanakaya Namah How to Chant the Mantra? The ideal day to chant the mantra is on Monday (somwar) and a full moon day (purnima). Chant the mantra when moon is present or after moonrise in the region. Wear white color clothes. Sit in meditation looking at the moon. Chant the mantra 108 times. Study Bhagavad Gita daily for 10 minutes. Use a simple translation of Bhagavad Gita. If you wish to: If you have white shivling at home then you can perform abhishek on it using mustard oil. This step is optional.

Quotes on Humility – Hindu Scriptures – Gurus and Saints

Forsaking conceit, force, pride, lust, wrath and (superfluous) possessions; egoless and tranquil at heart, one becomes worthy of becoming one with Brahman. (Bhagavad Gita, 18.53) Mastery over the senses is the source of humility; from humility flow all noble qualities. True nobility wins human hearts; and people’s love is the fount of felicity. (Bharavi) Be not proud, says Kabir, of your mansion high and tall; death will lay you down to ground and grass will grow over all. (Kabir) There are two signs of knowledge: first, absence of pride, and second, a peaceful nature. (Sri Ramakrishna) Humility is a great aid to self-improvement. Sri Ramakrishna used to say, Water accumulates in a low place, whereas it flows down from a high mound.. All virtues come to a humble person. (Swami Turiyananda) Humility and pleasant words are the jewels that adorn a man; there are none other. (Thirukkural) Whether one is educated or illiterate, one must have humility. (Sathya Sai Bab