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The Need To Forget Quotes And Teachings

A few teachings and quotes on the need to forget from Hindu saints and scriptures. The gift of memory includes not only the ability to remember but also the ability to forget what needs to be forgotten. We have, along with good memories, many bad memories too. What to do with them? We wish to forget those memories. Someone hurt or cheated us; spoke or behaved unkindly with us and so on. And we wish to forget it for that is the best way to deal with those experiences. How to do it? Says one of the eminent monks of the Ramakrishna Order, suggesting a powerful solution to handle painful memories: The more you try to forget something, the more you remember it. You cannot forget anything. Any conscious attempt to forget strengthens the thought, you remember it all the more. To forget any thought, do not think about it, think about something else. That is, put your mind somewhere else, then the mind goes away from the unwanted thought. If certain memories are not pleasant, get a