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Impossible To Count The Number Of Pillars – Chaurasi Khamba Temple – Story of 84 Khamba Mandir in Bharatpur Rajasthan

Chaurasi Khamba Temple, popularly known as 84 Khamba Mandir, is located at Kaman in Bharatpur in Rajasthan. As the place is just 13 km east of Barsana, it forms a part of the Braj Bhoomi, associated with the childhood of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Although the temple is believed to have 84 pillars but it is impossible count the number of pillars. Story Of 84 Khamba Mandir In Bharatpur Rajasthan Kaman is ruled by the number 84. There are 84 ponds, 84 temples and 84 hectares of land which is mysteriously divided into 84 small pools of water. Chaurasi Khamba temple (84 pillared temple) has no murti or idol and no kind of worshiped is performed in the temple. It is believed that child Krishna used to play and spend time at the spot. It is also believed that Pandavas lived here for a brief period during their exile period in the Mahabharata. It is believed that there is a pond near the temple known as Dharam Kund. The famous Yaksha Prashna between Yama, disguised as Yaksha, an

Stop Living In Past And Future For A Happy Life

To have a happy life learn to live in the present. But unfortunately we all are living in past regrets or old glory or fear of future. If you wish to be happy stop living in past and future. Some people are so engaged with the images of past or future that one finds them, in their quiet moments, talking to themselves — arguing, appreciating, contradicting, chiding or encouraging the invisible people, or the situations arising out of such interactions. They live in the company of past or future, swinging between the two. Though present in the present moment, they are actually living in the past or future. Past, present and future, in reality, are three modes of thinking. All thinking takes place in time. We think of past, reflect over what happened, regret or feel elated, sigh at the days gone by, mull over the things that occurred. Or think of the future — imagining what will happen, visualizing ourselves in various situations or with people and objects and places, feeling ha