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Pushya Nakshatra Mantra For Money And Property - How To Chant The Mantra?

There is a wide spread belief in Hinduism that the day on which Pushya Nakshatra happens in helpful in matters related to money, property and other wealth. If pushya nakshatra falls on Thursday (Guru Pushya) or Sunday (Ravi Pushya), the day becomes highly auspicious. Here is a pushya nakshatra mantra money and property dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. Pushya Nakshatra Mantra ॐ  श्री विघ्नहराय पारदेश्वरी महालक्ष्म्यै  नम :  Om shree Vighnaharaya Pardeshwari Mahalakshmaye Namah How To Chant Pushya Nakshatra Mantra? The mantra is to be chanted when Pushya Nakshatra is present in the morning or evening of a day. The person chanting the mantra should wear yellow color clothes on the Pushya Nakshatra day. A painting or murti of Goddess Lakshmi is to be kept in the north side or northeast side of the house on a yellow color cloth. Light lamp using cow ghee. Use yellow color flower agarbatti. Offer yellow color flowers. Offer chandan. Offer yellow color sweet. This is to be distributed

Sasaka Yoga in Hindu Astrology

When Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati) occupies his own house and is also in the aspect of trine to lagna, it results in Sasaka Yoga. The person with this yoga will be blessed with great wealth and all comforts of life. This is one of the Dhana Yogas. Going by the accepted principles of Indian astrology, Jupiter has to be well placed for any Dhana Yoga in general, because this planet is the karaka (significator) for wealth. In this yoga, by being in its own house, Jupiter is already powerful. This assures good wealth. The other conditions are dependent upon the planet from which it is receiving aspect. Jupiter in its own house and aspected by a planet like Venus or Mercury may not be so favorable to the means employed in amassing wealth. In fact, this yoga, like any other yoga, should be interpreted after properly assessing the strength of the yoga karaka planets. Even in the preliminary conditions of this yoga, Jupiter of Pisces will bestow greater effect that then Jupite

Uprightness – Arjava In Hinduism Teachings

Uprightness helps us manifest our divine qualities. The Bhagavad Gita describes arjava, or uprightness, as a sign of Knowledge (13.7) and as a divine quality (16.1). Sri Shankara explains arjava as simplicity or the absence of crookedness. True simplicity means ensuring that our words tally with our thought.  And Sri Ramakrishna considered this quality essential for success in spiritual life: "There is a sect of Vaishnavas known as the Ghoshpara who describe God as the 'Sahaja', the 'Simple One'. They say further that a man cannot recognize this 'Simple One' unless he too is simple." Sri Ramanuja explains arjava as a uniform disposition towards others in mind, speech and body. Perfect alignment in thought, word and deed constitutes true simplicity. Sant Dnyaneshwar gives the following meanings for arjava: Favoring all equally without likes or dislikes: This amounts to loving all equally. Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi taught a little girl