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16 Qualities Of Lord Rama

Here are the 16 qualities of Lord Rama that makes him Maryada Purushottama. 1) गुणवान् = endowed with excellent qualities 2) वीर्य वान् = with prowess 3) धर्मज्ञ = knower of righteousness, 4) कृतज्ञ = who is filled with gratitude 5) सत्य वाक्य = truthful in his statements, 6) दृढव्रत = firm in his vows 7) चारित्रेण युक्त = is endowed with good conduct 8) सर्व भूतेषु हित = benefactor of all living beings 9) वि द्वान् = learned man 10) समर्थ = competent 11) एकप्रियदर्शन : = delightful in appearance to everyone 12) आत्म वान् = self-restrained 13) जित क्रोध = who has conquered anger 14) द्युति मान् = is endowed with splendour, 15) अनसूयक = who is free from envy 16) कस्य बिभ्यति देवा : च संयुगे = whom even the devatas fear to engage in battle.

Teachings On Ego In Shaiva Siddhanta

Understanding ego from the teachings of Saiva Siddhanta. Three- stringed rope is often seen in the hands of Hindu gods and goddesses. It is known as pasha and it is an important symbol. In Saiva Siddhanta, pasa (talai) literally means rope which is used for binding. From Shaiva Siddhanta perspective, the three stringed rope holds the jiva and limits is intelligence, power and brilliance. Originally, the jiva (atma) is swayamprakasha (self illuminative), but its effulgence is covered is covered by the inherent impurity called anava (ego). This impurity is the root evil and the cause of all worldly sufferings. Ego has the qualities of assertion and possession – ‘I’ and ‘mine.’ It is worse than darkness. In fact, darkness will reveal itself though the objects are not revealed, but ego will reveal neither itself nor its functions. Karma (action) and maya (matter) are originally meant for the welfare of the atma. But due to their association with the prime impurity, ego,

How To Observe Bhavani Deeksha? – Rules of Bhavani Deeksha Of Kanaka Durga Temple

Bhavani Deeksha is an important ritual observed devotees of Goddess Kanaka Durga in November – December at Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple. Here is a brief idea on how to observe Bhavani Deeksha and important rules. Bhavani Deeksha, a special ritual, is undertaken for 41 days voluntarily by men and women in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and by Telugu speaking people living in different parts of India and around the world. The devotees wear crimson red clothes and visit the Kanaka Durga Temple or other shrines of Mother Goddess Shakti in their vicinity. The deeksha is undertaken to purge the body and soul of impurities and to for desire fulfillment. 41 days – 21 days – 108 Days Those who cannot endure the full Bhavani Deeksha Vratam can opt for half-cycle known as Ardha Mandala. The full Mandala Deeksha begins on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Kartik Month and the half-cycle begins 20 days later both end on the same date. Some devotees observe the Mahamandala which

Change Of Karma Can Happen Only In Human Form – Swami Adiswarananda

Swami Adiswarananda states that in a human body alone can one change karma. Swami Adiswarananda (1925 – 2007) was associated with the Ramakrishna Mission. From the viewpoint of Hinduism, heaven and hell are merely different worlds, bound by time, space, and causality. According to Hinduism, desires are responsible for a person's embodiment. Some of these desires can best be fulfilled in a human body, and some in an animal or a celestial body. Accordingly, a soul assumes a body determined by its unfulfilled desires and the results of its past actions. An animal or a celestial body is for reaping the results of past karma, not for performing actions to acquire a new body.  Performance of karma to effect any change of life is possible only in a human body, because only human beings do good or evil consciously. Human birth is therefore a great privilege, for in a human body alone can one attain the supreme goal of life. Thus, in search of eternal happiness a