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There Is No You And I Explained Through Story Of Ribhu And Nidagha

All these distinctions made between the ‘I’ and ‘you', master and disciple, are merely a sign of one's ignorance. The 'I' Supreme alone is. To think otherwise is to delude oneself. A puranic story of Sage Ribhu and his disciple Nidagha, is particularly instructive in this context. Although Ribhu taught his disciple the supreme truth of the One Brahman without a second, Nidagha, in spite of his erudition and understanding, did not get sufficient conviction to adopt and follow the path of jnana, but settled down in his native town to lead a life devoted to the observance of ceremonial religion. But the sage loved his disciple as deeply as the latter venerated his master. In spite of his age, Ribhu would himself go to his disciple in the town, just to see how far the latter had outgrown his ritualism. At times the sage went in disguise, so that he might observe how Nidagha would act when he did not know that he was being observed by his master. On one such occasi

How to perform Varalakshmi Puja? - Varalakshmi Vratham Procedure

Varalakshmi Puja or Varalakshmi Vratham is an important ritual observed by married women in South India and Maharashtra for the prosperity and welfare of their families. The date of Varalakshmi Vratham in 2024 is August 16. Varalakshmi Puja falls on a Friday in the month of August and the preparations for the puja begin on Thursday. All the necessary items needed for the pooja are collected by Thursday evening.  People wake up early in the morning on Friday and take a bath. Traditionally speaking the waking up time for the puja is the brahma muhurtham. Then the designated puja area and house is cleaned well and a beautiful ‘kolam’ or rangoli is drawn on the intended place of puja. Kalasham Next is the preparation of the ‘kalasham or kalash.’ A bronze or silver pot is selected and is cleaned thoroughly and a swastika symbol is drawn and is smeared with sandalwood paste. The kalasham pot is filled with raw rice or water, coins, a single whole lime, five different ki

Story of Varalakshmi Vratham – Varamahalakshmi Vrat Katha

Varalakshmi Vratam is a popular ritual observed by married women in South India and Maharashtra . Pujas and prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity on the day. There a couple of popular stories associated with Varalakshmi Vratham. The most important among them are story of Charumati and that of Shyamabala. Story of Charumati and Varamahalakshmi According to Skanda Purana, once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva about a vrata that will be beneficial to women. Lord Shiva then mentioned the importance of Varalakshmi Vrata, which is most beneficial Vrata for women. To illustrate the importance of the Varamahalakshmi Vrat, Lord Shiva narrated the story of Charumati. Pleased with Charumati’s devotion to her husband and family, Goddess Lakshmi appeared in her dream and asked her to perform the Varalakshmi Vratha. She explained to her the procedures of the Vrata. The pious Charumati invited all her neighbors, friends and rel

Upcoming Hindu Festivals in August 2020 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in August 2020

Dates of important upcoming festivals and fasting associated with Hinduism in August 2020 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days are based on Indian Standard Time (IST). Hindu Vrat – Fasting - Festivals August 2020 August 1 – Pradosh Vrat – Shani Pradosh (Saturday) August 2 – Aadi Perukku August 3 – Purnima Vrat, Shravan Purnima – Full moon day August 3 – Nariyal Purnima August 3 – Raksha Bandhan August 3 – Yajur Upakarma August 4 – Rig Upakarma August 3 – Avani Avittam August 3 – Hayagriva Jayanti August 4 – Bhadrapad Month begins in North India August 4 – Gayatri Japam August 5 – Ashunya Shayan Vrat August 5 – Hindola ends August 6 – Kajari Teej August 6 – Phool Kajali Vrat August 7 – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat – Moonrise time 9:49 PM August 7 – Bol Choth  August 8 – Nag Pancham in Gujarat August 9 – Randhan Chhath August 9 – Hal Sashti Vrat August 11 – Janmashtami in

Spirit of giving and sharing – Swami Vivekananda

None is there but will be compelled, in the long run, to give up everything. And the more one struggles against this law, the more miserable one feels. It is because we dare not give, because we are not resigned enough to accede to this grand demand of nature, that we are miserable. The wood is gone, but we get heat in return. The sun is taking up water from the ocean, to return it in showers. You are a machine for taking and giving: you take, in order to give. Ask, therefore, nothing in return; but the more you give, the more will come to you. The quicker you can empty the air out of this room, the quicker it will be filled up by the external air; and if you close all the doors and every aperture, that which is within will remain, but that which is outside will never come in, and that which is within will stagnate, degenerate, and become poisoned. A river is continually emptying itself into the ocean and is continually filling up again. Swami Vivekananda