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Story Of Uddhava – Friend Of Sri Krishna

Story of Uddhava, friend and confidant of Sri Krishna, is spread across the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. He was a descendant of Vrishna of the Yadava race of ancient India. He was a disciple of Brihaspati and son of Devabhanga. He was greatly attached to Sri Krishna. On account of his sharp intellect, he was the counselor of the Vrishnis. He carried a message from Krishna to Nanda, his foster father, in Gokula. The gopis of Gokula enquired about the welfare of Krishna and implored Uddhava to fetch him back to Gokula. The devotion of the gopis to Krishna deeply impressed Uddhava who firmly believed in liberation through wisdom. This visit to Gokula taught him about the greatness of unwavering devotion. Jarasandha, infuriated at the death of his son-in-law Kamsa at the hands of Krishna, attacked Mathura repeatedly. Uddhava advised Krishna on the best method to be adopted for vanquishing Jarasandha. The Yadava forces effectively defeated the siege of Mathura by Jarasandha. U

Marathi Shravan Month 2024 – Shravan 2024 in Traditional Maharashtra Calendar

Shravan Maas is the fifth month in a traditional Marathi calendar followed in Maharashtra and is a highly auspicious month. Marathi Shravan Month 2024 is from August 5 to September 3. Sawan month is highly auspicious and staunch Hindus do not eat meat products and perform different types of pujas. Mondays is dedicated to Shiva Pooja and on Tuesdays women perform Mangala Gowri Puja . Other important festivals and auspicious days include Nag Panchami, Narali Purnima, Sri Krishna Jayanti and Dahi Handi. Sankashti Chaturthi  monthly fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesh in Shravan Month is on August 22 – Moonrise or Chandrodaya is at 9:00 PM – Indian Standard Time. The month is primarily dedicated to spirituality, pilgrimages, satsangs and above all worship of Lord Shiva. Daily pujas in Marathi Shravan month Monday – Shiva Puja Tuesday – Mangala Gouri Puja Wednesday – Budh Puja Thursday – Brihaspati Puja Friday – Jara Jivantika Puja Saturday – Maruti Puja Sunda

Symbolism - Story Of Brahma Vishnu Trying To Find Beginning And End Of Shivling

One of the most popular stories in Puranas is that of Brahma and Vishnu attempting to find the beginning and end of Shivling. Once, Brahma and Vishnu were quarrelling, each claiming superiority over the other. Annoyed by this unedifying quarrel, Shiva appeared before them as a column of resplendent fire and assured them that whoever was able to locate the origin or limit of it is greater than the other. Vishnu earnestly pursued to trace the origin down in the form of ‘Varaha’; after a tiresome job, he found his efforts to be abortive and admitted his inability to do so. Brahma who went up flying in the form of swan was not so modest; not being prepared to accept defeat, he falsely claimed to Vishnu that he did see the top of the blazing fire, with a Ketaki flower as witness to testify to his statement. The all-knowing Mahadev Shiva cursed that Brahma should not be worshipped in temples, and the Ketaka flower not be used in His worship, because of the blatant lie. Fin

Rise Above Good And Evil To Know The Whole

In nature, which is not corrupted by human thought, there is no evil. What we call good or bad is creation of human mind. In nature, only humans have to deal with evil and good. Animals and plants are not bothered about good and bad, as they do not practice both. They just exist for food and procreation. Compartmentalization of things into good, bad, average, okay etc is the result of ignorance and wrong thinking. Greediness, hoarding, anger, desire, attachment, frustration, impatience, lying, lust and many more such negativities are the direct result of lack of proper understanding of our true nature. When Supreme Truth dawns in a person, compartmentalization disappears. All negativities also disappear. We will not be bothered about both good and bad. What is Supreme Truth? That there is no second one. Only that exists. Rise above good and evil. Good is also a trap. It too inflates our ego and stops us from reaching self-realization. Good also opens the door to anger,