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Showing posts from July 5, 2020

Addiction Of Social Media – A Public Health Crisis

Anything in excess is harmful. When we cannot control the excess, it becomes poison.  The addiction of social media is harmful and it is slowly becoming poison. Social networks are a public health crisis. They are negatively affecting physical and mental health. Sugar and tobacco are both addictive and unhealthy. Social media is sugar-coated tobacco. To know how addictive the social networks, you should attempt to stay away from them for a day. They are designed like drugs – once you start, you just cannot stop. We give them enough information that they can manipulate our thoughts and control our emotions. Pitfall of Likes Social media wants your time and attention. For this they need to give you enticements. Your posts or photos are liked or commented by someone. This gives you a small high, so you post more. When you are liked, you want to get more likes. When you are criticized you go back to make sure you win the battle. Social media is not bothered about your emotions