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Toli Ekadasi 2023 date - Importance-Rituals and What to Do

Toli Ekadasi is the name given to the Ekadashi observed during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Ashada Masam (June – July) in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and by Telugu speaking community around the world. In 2023, Toli Ekadashi date in Telugu calendar is June 29. This Ekadashi is also known as  Deva Shayani Ekadasi or Hari Shayani Ekadashi  and the  Chaturmas Vrat  (four holy months in Hinduism) begins from the day. The night time of Devas begins on this day and it believed that Lord Vishnu goes to sleep from the day. The day is of great significance to the farming community as they begin to sow seeds after the first rains on Toli Ekadasi day. A lavish feast is organized on the day. Feeding of poor people and children on the day earns the blessings of Srihari Vishnu. The day is of great significance in Vaishnava temples. Various rituals and pujas are performed for the welfare of the universe and living beings. Charity performed on the day is considered holy an

End Of Life On Earth And Ganesha

As per Hindu teachings, the cycle of life on earth comes to an end when evil overpowers the earth. When life on earth has gone beyond regeneration, it will be put to an end through the will of the Supreme Truth. As per Saptashati, Ganesha plays a role in ending life on earth. When Adharma gains in strength, Ganesha uses his powerful trunk to suck up the entire water from earth. This will dry up the earth and the oceans. Then the fire hidden in the sea known as Vadavagni will reach up the sky and swallow the entire earth. This will result in the end of a cycle of creation. Thousands of human years later, Ganesha will once again pour water on earth from his trunk. This will signal the beginning of a new cycle of creation. Another form of Ganesha associated with end of creation is  Dhumraketu or Dhumravarna . From the archive Hindu God Agni Facts - Popular Stories Of Agni In Hinduism

Wearing Blue Sapphire Ring While Sleeping And Other Doubts

Can we wear blue sapphire while sleeping? This is a doubt which many people wearing blue sapphire ring have. No is the answer. The person should wear the blue sapphire ring while sleeping. He should keep the ring on a blue color cloth or blue color flower before sleeping. He should take bath and then wear it on after chanting the below given mantra 7 times. Mantra To Chant Before Wearing Blue Sapphire Ring The mantra or prayer associated with birthstone Blue Sapphire is dedicated to Shani or Saturn. The mantra should be chanted before wearing the Blue Sapphire ring. It will help in attaining wealth, name, fame, honor and good health. Chanting the mantra and wearing the Blue Sapphire ring will help barren women. Blue Sapphire Ring Mantra is -  Om sham shanicharaya namah (ॐ शं शनिचर्या नमः) Wear the blue sapphire ring on a saturday during the waxing phase of moon after chanting the mantra 108 times. Right Metal For Blue Sapphire Ring The ideal metal for blue sapphire

Why Non Veg Food Is Avoided In Shravan Month?

Shravan month is associated with Lord Shiva and non-vegetarian food is avoided in the month. From a religious perspective, it is a holy month and therefore non-veg food is avoided. But there is also a scientific reason behind avoiding meat, egg and fish. Sun and the moon are not visible for majority of the days in Shravan month due to dense rain clouds. This affects the working of the human body. We will not be having the same digestive power as in other seasons of the year. A weak digestive system cannot digest meat. Eating non-vegetarian food can thus cause various ailments. Therefore, meat, egg and fish are avoided during the period. Another reason is that birds, animals and fish give birth during the period. Killing pregnant beings is a big sin. It is also scientifically not correct to kill pregnant animals, as it is very much necessary for maintaining a healthy livestock population. Related Spiritual Significance of Shravan Month in Hindu Religion

How To Deal With The Social Media?

Earlier criticism was limited to family members, friends, colleagues and critics of your work. However, in the age of social media you will face criticism from anyone on any matters including your personal life. Personal Life Criticism related to personal life should not bother you. Your body, your relationships, your dress, your likes and dislikes…people who criticize them should be ignored. When it goes beyond a level and harms your individual freedom and space put it down with a firm foot. When needed use the legal option. Social media is not beyond law. Never let anyone shake your self-confidence. Do not follow the crowd and get into trouble. Do things that you like to do and do it without any qualms. But if you are doing things to garner attention then you need to be ready to face criticisms. Attention seekers need to have a lot of determination, willpower and courage to withstand the barrage of criticism that will appear on the social media. If you are appearing