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Yudhisthira Answers The Question Of Bird To Save His Brothers Turned To Stone

The story of a bird turning four Pandava brothers to stone and Yudhisthira saving them by answering its question is found in the Kashidashi Mahabharata. The incident happened when Pandavas were on their final journey after giving up their kingdom. During their journey in the Himalayas, the Pandavas witnessed Danaveshwar form of Shiva. Here they took bath in a lake and offered prayers to Danaveshwar who had crown with a gem that glowed in dark. They then climbed Meghnad Mountain and reached another lake. From there they started climbing the Kedarnath Mountain. As the Pandavas were climbing the Kedarnath Mountain they were stopped by a group of Apsaras (celestial maidens). When the Apsaras wanted to know the reason for their journey, Yudhisthira introduced himself and his brothers and Draupadi. When the celestial damsels learned about His intention to wash of sins etc, they asked him to give up the foolish pursuit and instead live with them here as they were immune

Chintamani Griha – Abode Of Goddess Sridevi

Chintamani Griha is the abode of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari or Sridevi. It is located at the center of Sripura or Sripattana. The walls of the palace are made of Chintamani gems (philosopher’s stones). The projected coverings above the palace are also fashioned out of Chintamani slabs. They are very and tall and are formed as peaks in different places. The palace has high tapering storeys with three radiant crowns, viz., iccha (will), kriya (action) and jnana (knowledge), which shine brilliantly. Everything in Chintamani Griha is fashioned out of Chintamani stones. Chintamani Griha has four doorways and in the interior part of the mansion, the various siddhis (supernatural powers) such as anima, reside and serve the Goddess. They are all aged sixteen years and are fresh and youthful and have a highly exalted nature. Beyond the abodes of siddhis are the residences of the eight divine mothers. They are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Mahendri, Varahi, Chamunda and Mahalaks

All Basic Needs Are Polluted By Human Greed

All our basic needs – food, air, water, shelter – are polluted. This pollution is due to human greed. Every living being need to satisfy natural desires like hunger, thirst, sleep etc. But modern society completely ignores natural desires and gives prominence to unnatural desires. These desires are not needs but society and culture makes a person believe that they are essential. Modern economy is based on greed not on need. People are constantly tuned to buy more and more. Thus today we have people who own two or more houses, several vehicles, several mobiles…we own everything extra. The number of desires that society and consumerism creates in an individual is often beyond the capacity of the individual. Most desires are beyond the means of an average individual. Today you have choices on what kind of basic education you provide to your children. For a 3 or 4 year old child to learn A, B, C some parents spend 100,000 in a year. Parents are forced to make such stupid